IPB University Liven Up Center of Information Commission Car Free Day

“I Right to Know, You Right to Know, We Right to Know”. This yell spoken by all the attendees of Car Free Day by Center of Information Commission (KIP) and Ministry of Communication and Informatics Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkominfo RI) in Jakarta, Sunday (3/11)

Under the command of Commissioner of Research and Documentation KIP, Romanus Ndau Lendong, this program was really joyful.

This is the Anniversary Day of Hari Untuk Tahu held annually by KIP, this year’s theme was “Knit Nationality with Information Disclosure”.

He said that the involvement of various public parties in this program showed that the important information is that the information related to public interest not self interest. “Right to Know is if you are doubt or don’t understand, just ask to KIP chief, Kominfo, or every source of information. Don’t make up the story, make up the story about government,  attorney, whatever public board. The right thing is asking the source of information,” he said.

Bambang Sigit Nugroho, SH, MSi, Center of Information Commission Secretary Task Executor in his speech said that the aim of this program is strengthening nationality values and joint commitment in order to openness of public information. “We hope that today, beside of socialization of openness of information, we want people know their rights to get information,” he explained.

Secretary General of Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Rosarita Niken Widiastuti delivered her speech about Saman dance philosophy that appeared in the program as the symbol of knitting Indonesia nationality needs the hight of concentration and solidarity. “Indonesia has various cultural wealth, more than 400 ethnics and more than 700 local languages. In order of knitting nationality, Indonesia is like a sheet of cloth contains of tens of thousands or millions yarn spun become one. It is Indonesia. Various tribes, various religions, race and groups. By knitting the nationality, Indonesia become stronger, and number one is we must love Indonesia culture. Center of Information Commission through this culture want to say to people that every one of you has right to know, knowing what done by public board including government, People’s Representative Council, People’s Consultative Assemply, etc,” she closed. (NR)

Published Date : 05-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, Romanus Ndau Lendong, Bambang Sigit Nugroho

Keyword : Right TO Know Day, Komisi Informasi Pusat , PPID IPB