Sport Centre

Sport Centre

Gymnasium Indoor

Indoor Gymnasium is the main building for every students’ sport activities. The facility located in IPB University Dramaga Campus. Various IPB University level and faculty level sport matches are held in the Gymnasium facilities, which includes futsal, basketball, and aerobic. Gymnasium also facilitates the student and lecture to conduct sport course for students of the first year.

Gelanggang Olahraga (Gelora)

Gymnasium field is multifunction football field facility shaped of oval with athletic racecourse track in the border of the field. The athletic track is having length of 400 m and wide of 10 m. The field itself is having area of 105 x 70 m2. The field is always favored by the students for daily sports activities or weekend sports events. Other than that, gymnasium field is also used for other campus events such as student orientation (MPKMB), Gebyar Nusantara Nights, events of Dies Natalis of IPB University, and others.

Horse Track and Horse-Riding Facilities

Horse-riding facilities is in the practical field area of Faculty of Animal Husbandry, IPB University. In the area there are grassland and horse track for students’ horse-riding practices. There are 17 horses are stabled in the facilities. Aside of horse-riding, the facilities also famous for entertainment, prewedding and pre-graduation.

Archery Site Facility

IPB University has archery sport facility for students and public use. Every Sunday, students shares about archery through sharing session. During sharing session, student tells about tips and tricks related to practical archery to other IPB University students or public.

Basketball Field, Badminton, Tennis, and Futsal Facilities

IPB University have three basketball fields, two badminton fields, three tennis fields, and two futsal fields that scattered in several places in IPB University Dramaga Campus and Cilibende Campus.