Campus Transportation

Campus Transportation


There are 8 campus bus units that operate on campus and have Full AC facilities.

All bus units operate on campus from 06.00 – 18.00 WIB in normal conditions.  Operational days are Monday-Friday except campus holidays and national holidays.

Operational areas are spread in 3 corridors:

Corridor 1: Graha Widya Wisuda – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Graha Widya Wisuda via female Dormitory.

Corridor 3: Graha Widya Wisuda – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Graha Widya Graduation via the Library.

Corridor 4: Graha Widya Wisuda – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Graha Widya Wisuda via Rector.

Campus buses can only be pick up and drop off passengers at the specified bus stop / bus stop.


The IPB University campus has been cultivating for cycling on campus habit for a long time.  From the assistance of various parties, IPB University has more than 700 bicycles that can be used as a means of transportation on campus every day.

There are various types of bicycles, there are types of bicycles that have baskets to put things in and are very comfortable to use for female user like Sierra and Vista, but there are also mountain bike or heist bikes that are physically bigger and are preferred by male users or  general.  In total there are 8 types of bikes operated.

The bike sharing system operates from 06.00 – 20.00 WIB in normal conditions with the last loan at 18.00 WIB.  Operational days are Monday-Sunday except campus holidays and national holidays.

Borrowing bicycles can be done at 10 bicycle stops spread over various points and can be seen here.  The borrower needs to provide a Student Identity Card (KTM) or other identity card as a guarantee when borrowing the bicycle.  Current bicycle returns can only be made at the same shelter where it borrowed.

Borrowers can use bicycles during operational hours in the Dramaga IPB campus area.  During the borrowing period, the bicycle is the responsibility of the borrower so it is necessary to provide a bicycle lock if you want to park a bicycle in a public place.

As a means of supporting the use of bicycles, various special facilities for bicycles have been provided, such as parking lots and special bicycle lanes, both dedicated and mix traffic.