Restaurant, Cafe and Canteen

Restaurant, Cafe and Canteen

Botani Nusantara

Botani Nusantara or known as Kopi Nusantara located beside Student Service Center Building (SSC) inside IPB University Dramaga Campus. This Café that served various drinks, particularly coffee and other delicious foods become a comfortable place for students while enjoying service in SSC.

Taman Koleksi

Taman Koleksi café (Takol) located inside IPB University Baranangsiang Campus. Offering concept “Story Behind The Product”, Takol giving a new experience while drinking in the café like stories how the coffee produced by farmers. This experience will give a new impression for the consumers. Takol Café also surrounded by lush trees that will give more comfortable atmosphere. Foods and drinks that served is also diverse, with most of them is IPB University innovation results with nusantara taste.


Kopicentrum Botani Café located beside Stevia canteen, not far from Faculty of Agriculture. This coffee shop not only become the new gathering place for students but also giving education about coffee.  Kopicentrum projected to be coffee center in IPB University. Information center started from coffee introduction, coffee history, and correct coffee management procedures.


In the area around faculties/schools, there is canteens that are easily accessed by students, some of them are: Stevia Canteen, Ungu Canteen, Blue Corner, Yellow Corner, Nays Canteen, Rimbawan Canteen, Sapta Canteen, Plasma Canteen, Empat Canteen (Kanpat), Ibu Sayang Canteen, Makjan Canteen