Being involved in campus organizations indirectly will build a spirit of leadership and professionalism among students. Students can develop leadership potential and professionalism through various campus organizations including the Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Representative Council (DPM), Student Activity Unit (UKM), Student Association (Himpro), and Community.

Student Executive Board (BEM)

The Student Executive Board (BEM) is an executive organization at universities and faculties. For university level BEM namely Student Executive Body – Student Family (BEM KM), members come from different faculties and departments. Whereas, for the BEM Faculty level, members come from the same faculty from different departments. Some ministries or divisions managed by BEM, both BEM KM and BEM Faculty are interests related to student welfare, improving the quality of human resources, strategic studies, community service, publications and others.

Following is the Student Executive Board (BEM) in the IPB University:

1. BEM KM IPB University

2. BEM of the Faculty of Agriculture

3. BEM of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

4. BEM of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences

5. BEM of the Faculty of Animal Science

6. BEM of the Faculty of Forestry

7. BEM of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology

8. BEM of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

9. BEM of the Faculty of Economics and Management

10. BEM of the Faculty of Human Ecology

11. BEM of the Vocational School

12. BEM of the Business School

In addition, at the level of postgraduate education, there is a campus organization that accommodates the work of students, named the Postgraduate Student Forum (Forum Wacana).

Student Representative Council (DPM):

The Student Board of Representatives (DPM) is a university and faculty level legislative institution. University-level DPM members are student representatives from faculties and departments. Members of the Student Representative Council (DPM) are selected by students if they exceed the seat quota determined in that period. Whereas if the applicant is less than a seat quota, the member will be selected by a special receiving committee with the existing assessment. The role of DPM includes making regulations as a reference for BEM to work and evaluate BEM performance.

The following list are the Student Representative Council (DPM) in the IPB University:

  1. DPM KM IPB University
  2. DPM of the Faculty of Agriculture
  3. DPM of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  4. DPM of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
  5. DPM of the Faculty of Animal Science
  6. DPM of the Faculty of Forestry
  7. DPM of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology
  8. DPM of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  9. DPM of the Faculty of Economics and Management
  10. DPM of the Faculty of Human Ecology
  11. DPM of the Vocational School
  12. DPM of the Business School

The Student Activity Unit (UKM)

The Student Activity Unit (UKM) is a place for student activities outside of school hours to develop certain interests, talents, and expertise. In addition, as a means to explore themselves for students, UKM also become a means for achievement. The following UKM are based on talent interests in the IPB University campus environment, including:

  1. Arts and Culture UKM, consisting of the Student Choir “Agria Swara”, Gentra Kaheman (Sundanese Art), MAX (music).
  2. Non-Martial Sports UKM, consisting of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Field Tennis, Archery, Chess, Horse Riding.
  3. Martial Arts UKM, consisting of Merpati Putih Pencak Silat (PS), Self Shield Pencak Silat (PS), Tapak Suci Pencak Silat (PS), Tarung Derajat, Tae Kwondo, Bandung Karate Club.
  4. Spiritual UKM, consisting of: Student Islamic Spirituality Board (BKIM), Christian Student Fellowship (PMK), Catholic Student Association (Kemaki), Buddhist Student Association (KMBA) and Hindu Dharma Student Union (KMHD).
  5. Entrepreneurship UKM, consisting of: Student Cooperative (KOPMA) and Center of Entrepreneurship of Youth (Century).
  6. Nature Lovers UKM, consisting of: Lawalata and Fauna Conservation Unit (UKF).
  7. UKM Research / Innovation / Science, consisting of: Forum for Scientific Studies (Forces), IPB Debating Community (IDC), International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS).
  8. State Defenders UKM namely Student Regiment (Menwa)
  9. Environmental UKM, consisting of: Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF) and Agricultural Student Green Movement (Agreemove)
  10. Journalistic UKM: consists of Koran Kampus and Agri FM

Student Profession Associations (Himpro)

Student Profession Associations (Himpro) are department level student organizations that function as a forum for developing the potential of students in their respective fields to further contribute to society. The following is a list of professional associations within the IPB University:

  1. Soil Science Student Association (HMIT)
  2. Agronomy Student Association (Himagron)
  3. Plant Protection Student Association (Himasita)
  4. Student Association of Landscape Architecture (Himaskap)
  5. Ruminant Professional Association
  6. Ornithology and Poultry Professional Association
  7. Favorite Animal and Aquatic Association
  8. Wildlife Professional Association
  9. Aquaculture Student Association (Himaqua)
  10. Aquatic Resource Management Student Association (Himasper)
  11. Fisheries Product Technology Student Association (Himasilkan)
  12. Fisheries Resource Utilization Student Association (Himafarin)
  13. Student Association of Marine Sciences and Technology (Himiteka)
  14. Animal Production Student Association (Himaproter)
  15. Animal Product Technology Student Association (Himasilter)
  16. Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Student Association (Himasiter)
  17. Association of Forest Product Technology Students (Himasiltan)
  18. Student Association of Forest Resources Conservation (Himakova)
  19. Forest Management Student Association (FMSC)
  20. Tree Grower Community (TGC)
  21. Food Technology Student Association (Himitepa)
  22. Agricultural Technology Student Association (Himateta)
  23. Association of Agroindustrial Technology Students (Himalogin)
  24. Biology Student Association (Himabio)
  25. Geophysics and Meteorology Student Association (Himagreto)
  26. Statistics Student Association (Gama Sigma Betha)
  27. Physics Student Association (Himasika)
  28. Mathematics Student Association (Gumatika)
  29. Computer Science Student Association (Himalkom)
  30. Chemical Student Association (Imakim)
  31. Community Research and Education Biochemistry Student (Crebs)
  32. Student Association for Economics and Development Studies (Hypothesis)
  33. Student Management Association (COM@)
  34. Student Association of Agribusiness Enthusiasts (HIPMA)
  35. Resources and Environmental Economics Student Association (Reesa)
  36. Nutrition Student Association (Himagizi)
  37. Family and Consumer Science Student Association (Himaiko)
  38. Student Association for Communication Science and Community Development (Himasiera)
  39. The Association of Business and Entrepreneurship Students IPB University
  40. Association of Vocational Student (Himavo)