Not only excelling in the field of research and innovation, IPB University is also rich in works in the arts and culture. The following are four things that best describe the arts and culture activities at IPB University:

Gebyar Nusantara

IPB University students come from various regions in Indonesia. This makes the IPB University campus rich in culture. This uniqueness is expressed with a performance called Gebyar Nusantara which is held anually. Gebyar Nusantara is a gathering place and competition between regional student organizations in carnival wraps, traditional costume competition from the region, regional culinary specialties, and stand competitions. The existence of Gebyar Nusantara is a pleasant moment for students from the region to gather, build solidarity and feel the atmosphere of “home”.

Agriaswara and D’Voice Student Choir

The Student Choir (PSM) of IPB University Agriaswara is a Student Activity Unit (UKM) at the IPB University which consists of undergraduate students. While D’Voice is a student choir consisting of students from the IPB University Vocational School.

Agriaswara has carved out a lot of activities and achievements, including regularly holding Annual Concerts. The Agriaswara Annual Concert was held to introduce choral music from various ages to the Indonesian audience. Agriaswara raised International Mission in Art and Culture (IMAC), a mission to make Indonesia famous by participating in an international choir competition, while introducing Indonesian culture on the international scene through regional music and dance. Several achievements continue to be carved by Agriaswara including Golden Diploma and Silver Diploma in Folklore and Mixed Choir categories in various world competitions including in Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Belgium and other countries.

Likewise, D’Voice, which continued to make international achievements, included Winner of Folklore Category, Gold Prize for Mixed Choir Category and Special Award for Authentic Interpretation of Folk Song at the International Choral Festival and Competition in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Gentra Kaheman

Lingkung Seni Sunda (Lises) Gentra Kaheman of IPB University is a Student Activity Unit (UKM) that is engaged in developing student interests and talents in the arts and culture, especially Sundanese arts and culture. Gentra Kaheman is a member of the Sundanese Student Arts Circle Communication Forum (Fokalismas) which is directly under the coordination of the Office of Tourism, Arts and Culture of West Java Province. Gentra Kaheman’s existence has also been recognized as one of the Sundanese art studios in Bogor under the coordination of the Bogor City and Regency Information and Culture Service Office. In addition to routinely holding internal performances at the IPB University level, Gentra Kaheman is also active as a cultural performer at various national level activities.

Music Agriculture X-Pression (MAX !!)

Music Agriculture X-Pression (MAX !!) Student Activity Unit (UKM) is an UKM that focuses on efforts to improve music art in IPB University. MAX is a means for students to share knowledge, work and sharing related to music and event organizers. UKM MAX consists of three divisions namely General Affair (GA), EO and Flavalicious MAX Music Percussion. The achievement achieved by Flavalicious MAX Percussion was getting MURI in 2007 in the mass guitar playing category with over 500 players. This performance played a song titled “Rumah Kita” and managed to win two contests between students.