Student Exchange

Student Exchange


Internship Program

Here you can find the application form. If you are interested to participate in our programs, please kindly fill in the application package here: Application Form for Exchange/Internship Program

You can also find our academic calendar for the next one year in the following link:

Summer Course Program

Due to the internationalization process, IPB University offers several summer course programs in order to increase the interest of international students to take a chance to learn and get experiences exploring the tropical biodiversity. IPB University develops and offers divers summer courses which international students can attend and actively involve.  The summer courses are established to integrate courses and field works where students can get experiences hands on practicing some practical works to asses and do inventory of the tropical biodiversity richness. In 2019 IPB University offers 25 summer course program as follow:



Joint Degree

University opens a Joint Degree program with foreign universities including:

  • SUIJI Joint Degree Program (S2/S3)
  • Joint Degree on International Agribusiness and Rural Development  with George-August University-Goettingen (S2)
  • Joint Degree IPB University – Adelaide University (S2)
  • Food Security and Climate Change (MS-FSCC) SEARCA (S2)
  • Joint Degree IPB University – Chiba University (S2)*
  • Joint Degree IPB University – Flinders University (S2) *
  • Joint Degree IPB University – Curtin University (S2)

Double Degree

  • Double Degree Indonesia – France (DDIP) (S2/S3)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Ibaraki University, Japan (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Ryukyus University, Japan (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Chiba University, Japan (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology/TUAT (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Gifu University (S3)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Kyoto University (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Hokkaido University (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Adelaide University (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Groningen University, Netherland (S3)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Sun Yat Sen University, Taiwan (S2)
  • Double Degree IPB University – Adelaide University, Australia (S2)

Credit Earning

  • Tsukuba University (Student and research exchange)
  • Ibaraki University (Summer course & Winter Course)
  • Hokkaido University (PARE: Spring School, Summer School, Short Course, year long)
  • Chiba (Twincle program:  Trial course, short course, long course)
  • Gottingen University, Germany, MontPellier SupAgro, Franch, SEARCA (Mobility Exchange Program)

Short-Term Exchange Program

  • Short-Term Exchange Program IPB University – University of Tsukuba

Summer/Winter Course

  • IPB University –  Ibaraki University

Sandwich Like Program

This program is specifically for undergraduate students to conduct research in universities in developed countries and to produce international publications in reputable journals.

Requirements: TOEFL, Study progress, Proposal, Pass the interview selection stage
Source of scholarship: Directorate General of Science and Technology Resources of Higher Education.
Registration period: April (every year).
For further information click:

Joint supervision and publication

This program is for all fields of agriculture, with a limited number of students, with the aim of all developed countries depending on cooperation with supervisors.


Directorate of International Program

Andi Hakim Nasoetion Building Level 1, IPB University Dramaga Campus, Bogor 16680, West Java, Indonesia
Email :
Telp : +62-251 8622 638