Harmonious and Tolerant Life of IPB Students

Harmonious and Tolerant Life of IPB Students

IPB students

Not only excelling in the field of research and innovation, IPB University is also rich in works in the arts and culture. The following four things that best describe the activities of cultural arts in the environment of IPB include the following, the Sundanese Arts Circle (Lises) UKM, Gentra Kaheman, Music Agriculture X-pression (Max !!) UKM, and the Agriaswara Student Choir. All of them will appear in the Gebyar Nusantara event which is held every year.

“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, in a healthy body there is a strong soul. Going through the crowded world of lectures, does not make IPB students forget to exercise. In addition to the availability of various sports facilities managed by the Sports and Arts Unit, sports activities among students are also alive due to the presence of several Student Activity Units (UKM) in the field of sports.

Being involved in campus organizations will indirectly build a spirit of leadership and professionalism among students. Students can develop leadership and professionalism potential through various campus organizations including the Student Executive Board (BEM), the Student Representative Council (DPM), the Student Activity Unit (UKM), the Professional Association (Himpro), and the Community.

Life lectures are closely related to field practicum in accordance with the scientific field being pursued. Practicum is intended as a means of deepening the material so that students can better understand the practice in real life everyday.

IPB requires first-year students to live in campus dorms. This was motivated by IPB students who came from various regions in Indonesia with the diversity of ethnic and culture IPB can be said as a miniature of Indonesia. This cultural diversity was then managed by IPB through social engineering in the form of a mandatory boarding policy for new students.

Campus life like this is very conducive in producing students with superior character and achievement. The following are:

  1. Student Success
  2. All Student Data is Successful
  3. AIMS Application to Overcome the Heavy Metal Work of IPB University’s Students Wins 2nd Place in the National Competition
  4. Successful SDGs, IPB University Students Create Portable Disinfectant Generators for Water Sanitation
  5. IPB University Students Gagas Rumangka, Green House
  6. Children of Furniture Builders Make National and International Level Achievements
  7. Lifting the Optimization of Waqf, Three IPB University Students Wins Second Place in the Sharia Economic Olympiad
  8. Do.tani IPB University Wins National Champion II
  9. Lutvi Abdullah, Inventor of Chicken Feather Snack Bar for Leukemia Patients
  10. Choir of Vocational School IPB University Sabet Gold Medal at the 2019 International Choir Festival Penabur
  11. Three Students of IPB University won the National Islamic Economics Olympiad
  12. Paragliding Athlete who won 22 gold, 15 bronze, 10 silver, went to college with a scholarship from IPB University
  13. Educational Games for IPB University Students Win Pimnas in Bali
  14. The Idea of Start Up Waste Management, IPB University Students won three champions
  15. Application of Freforty by IPB University Students Won National Champion III
  16. IPB University Wins Three ISCO-ISS 2019 Awards
  17. My Worker Application: IPB University Student Work Wins 2nd National Champion
  18. Mixed Doubles of IPB University Wins 3rd Place in the National Tennis Championship
  19. Speaking of Politics, IPB University Student Wins First Place in National Debate Contest