Campus Life

Campus Life


IPB University has been actively participating in preserving the art and culture of Indonesia. The university has a Student Activity Unit (UKM) for students who share common interests in art, such as Lingkung Seni Sunda (Lises) UKM, Gentra Kaheman, Music Agriculture X-pression (Max!!) UKM, and IPB Student Choir (PSM) Agriaswara. In addition, there are also other activities related to art and culture that students can join in IPB University. One of them is Gebyar Nusantara.




“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, in a healthy body there is a strong soul. Living in a crowded world of lectures does not make IPB University students forget to exercise. In addition to the availability of various sports facilities managed by the Sports and Arts Unit, sports activities among students also live because of the presence of several Student Activity Units (UKM) in the sports field.


Student Community

Being involved in campus organizations indirectly will build a spirit of leadership and professionalism among students. Students can develop leadership potential and professionalism through various campus organizations including the Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Representative Council (DPM), Student Activity Unit (UKM), Student Association (Himpro), and Community.



Field Study

College life is closely related to field practice in accordance with the scientific field that is being pursued. Practicum is intended as a means of deepening the material so that students can better understand the practice in real life every day.




IPB university requires first-year students to live in campus dormitories. This regulation is motivated by various region of origin of IPB university students. With broad ethnical and cultural diversity, IPB University can be said as a miniature of Indonesia. This cultural diversity was then managed by IPB University through social engineering in the form of compulsory dormitory policies for new students.