Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

Agrimart I and II

Agrimart I and II located in IPB University Dramaga Campus. The facilities cover shopping mart for the students with One Stop Shopping concept of prime quality products innovation of IPB University

Botani Mart

Botani Mart was specially designed with agritourism, agrimart, IPB Travel, Fruit Sell and Buy service, various vegetables, decorative plants, seeds, seedlings, and other agricultural products. Visitor can enjoy and learn about local flowers and fruits. Botani mart also held weekly agenda called Tani Expo that can be followed during weekend.

Other facilities provided by Botani Mart is restaurants and retail. In that site, visitor can find innovation products by IPB University students and lecturers. There is also Mancing Mania (Fishing Tourism) Package that offers unique experience of fishing. Visitors can enjoy fishing by themselves before it being cooked by restaurant chef and visitor can enjoy eating their fish delicacies amidst Botani Mart atmosphere. Strategic location of Botani Mart lies in the roadside of Jalan Raya Dramaga, which is approximately one kilometer away from IPB University Dramaga Campus.

Serambi Botani

Serambi Botani is a pioneer outlet that provides local products with natural and healthy concept for the community. Through consistent research and development, IPB University ensures that existing and future products at the Serambi Botani outlets are natural, hygienic and free of harmful chemicals to the body. To maintain quality, all products are regularly checked in the laboratory and consulted to experts at IPB University.