YouTuber from IPB University shares information how to get additional income

YouTube has now become a new platform that shifts the preferences of people watching television.  The taste is not excessive if it is said that the majority of young people have the desire to become YouTuber.  Evidence of self-existence, economic factors, new experiences, new connections and so on are the reasons why YouTubers are the current professional preferences.  But, of course, being a YouTuber isn't as easy as many people imagine.


It was Nabila Rahmadani, a student from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University, who started her Youtuber career from scratch.  Nabila doesn't have a mentor, she taught herself how to become a YouTuber.  Now it has 82.2 thousand subscribers.  With a cellphone camera, Nabila ventured to realize the dreams she had had since she started college.


Its Youtube channel is named Nabnab Rahmadani.  This channel routinely provides information about applications that can be a source of income.  Nabila is also diligent in giving tips and tricks for finding additional income.  The reason he raised the content was because the student who had been working since the first semester of this lecture believed that making money or finding a job was not difficult, especially in the digital era.


Interesting and useful content is certainly not the only point that makes Nabila's YouTube channel growing rapidly.  Strategy and perseverance, maybe this is a vital point that should not be missed.  The Youtube algorithm requires that the player on it upload videos regularly to keep it in search orbit.  If not, get ready to say goodbye.


Nabila admitted that uploading videos regularly was not an easy job.  Within a week, notifications from the Nabnab Rahmadani channel will appear twice.  But before that, Nabila needed to work hard for a whole week.


"Starting from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I focus on researching applications.  Usually I get one or two applications.  Here, our accuracy is tested.  Look for applications that can be trusted such as searching for needles in straw.  To recommend a money-making application, I must be really selective.  After that, I made the script.  Sunday night just take a video.  Monday or Tuesday I upload videos to Youtube.  Wednesday I started researching again, Thursday and Friday I made a video, then uploaded it again, "he said.


Nabila's educational background also helped her develop her channel.  Learning about product design in college, Nabila learned that analyzing and knowing consumer preferences was very important.  "I'm good at research.  I know what the audience wants and what they want to see, "he added.


The principle he always holds is the quality of the video and the applications he recommends.  For Nabila, viewer satisfaction and trust is the most important.  "I want to be known as Nabila whose channel is useful," he added.


YouTuber profession like an iceberg phenomenon.  What is seen on the surface is the result of efforts for the effort made.  As Nabila said, her life after becoming a YouTuber was very different from before.  He continued to push himself to learn and analyze consumer needs.


abila believes that everyone has desires.  And to make it happen, it takes courage to conquer weaknesses that exist in themselves.  There are a number of tips shared by Nabila.  Ie multiply learn and ask with people who have started first.  Take advantage of young time to try something new.


"Not having a camera and other devices or not being able to talk in front of the camera is no reason not to try.  The goal of becoming a YouTuber will only be achieved if you dare to learn and try.  Happy working! "He added.  (ASK / Zul)


 Keyword: Youtuber, Nabnab Ramadani, Money Making Application

Published Date : 28-Nov-2019

Resource Person : Nabila

Keyword : Youtuber, Nabnab Ramadani, Money Making Application