Department of Agroindustrial Technology of IPB Produces High Calibre Graduates for the Most Competitive Job Markets

Department of Agroindustrial Technology of IPB Produces High Calibre Graduates for the Most Competitive Job Markets


The Indonesian agriculture should be developed properly, thus appropriate human resources are really required by higher learning institutions as the producers.  In particular the qualified personnel capable to develop agricultural products into industrial scale, which are  competitive in the global market. Such issue has become the basic formation of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology (TIN) of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology of Bogor Agricultural University (FATETA IPB).

The curriculum of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology is the  integration between industrial engineering and management, process and bio-process technology as well as industrial environmental engineering and management. Academic curriculum of this Department is the integration of industrial engineering and management and processing technology. Since its establishment in 1981, TIN Department has always consistently produced quality  human resources in agro-industry.

Chairman of the TIN Department, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ir. Suprihatin explained that for national accreditation TIN Department has been accredited A by BAN-PT, both for its undergraduate, master and doctorate programs. The Department has also been accredited internationally by ABET (Acreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) from the United States. ABET accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards of the profession for which that program prepares graduates. The focus of ABET's international accreditation system is directed to non-teaching program, to the programs, not institutions. ABET provides specialized accreditation for post-secondary programs within degree-granting institutions already recognized by national or regional institutional accreditation agencies or national education authorities worldwide.

"With this accreditation, the TIN Department has met the requirements of international study program, including student management, educational goals, learning achievements, sustainable development, curriculum, faculty, facilities, institutional support, and program criteria in industrial engineering," He explained.

The Department has established a collaborative network with industry, central and local government, research and development institutions as well as home and overseas universities, and Alumni development. The Department has also linked to various universities abroad, such as Germany, France, Belgium, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. It is no wonder that the TIN Department is developing the international classes.  

In the near future, the TIN Department will accept students for the international program, where both the national and international students will study together. In addition, the TIN Department has also opened a Double Degree program, sometimes called a dual degree, combined degree, conjoint degree, joint degree, simultaneous degree or double graduation program, involves a student's working for two different university degrees in parallel, either at the same institution or at different institutions (sometimes in different countries), completing them in less time than it would take to earn them separately. The program is carried out in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia.

The vision the TIN Department of IPB to be an excellent higher education institution which is internationally recognized in agricultural technology with a core competence of bio-system engineering and information technology of local specific tropical agriculture. The TIN Department of IPB to conduct undergraduate education programs and produces high calibre graduates with high academic achievements and communication ability to compete in the global market. The Department is currently running professional educations in the application of technology and management to produce skilled and entrepreneurial human resources.

Up to now, the total number of alumni of Department of TIN is about 3,937 graduates and has been spread in various private companies, BUMN, entrepreneur, and as civil servant. The Department is also known for its well-rated the alumni, some of whom are  Arividya Novianto as President and General Manager of Total E & P Indonesia and Group Representative at French multinational oil and gas company for Indonesia; and Muhammad Najikh as a successful entrepreneur at the international level. (Wied)