Attending Webinar on Food Sovereignty in Golden Indonesia 2045, This is IPB University Student’s Idea

Attending Webinar on Food Sovereignty in Golden Indonesia 2045, This is IPB University Student’s Idea

Hadiri Webinar Kedaulatan Pangan Indonesia Emas 2045, Ini Gagasan Mahasiswa IPB University

The Alumni Association (HA) of IPB University held a National Webinar on Food Sovereignty for Golden Indonesia. Not only attended by the big family of alumni, this online activity was also attended by IPB University students.

Latif Hidayatul Ikhsan, one of the IPB University students who attended said, “I am an agriculture student and have studied for four years at IPB University. However, there are still many things to learn about food sovereignty today,” he said during the webinar.

The Coordinating Minister for Community Service, Student Executive Board-Family of Students (BEM KM) IPB University Gagas Masa Cabinet, elaborated on a number of food problems faced today. Among other things, there are agricultural regulations that still have to be improved from upstream to downstream and the need for farmer observers to improve the welfare of farmers.

“Currently, the decline in interest in farming, including among the younger generation, continues to increase. This is ‘homework’ for all parties. This forum really opens up views and opportunities for the future that agriculture is important and must be considered together to achieve Indonesia’s food sovereignty in 2045,” he explained.

Latif highlighted that Indonesia Emas 2045 will be a common challenge in the food sector. According to him, all parties must take part in providing innovation, ease of regulation, and cooperation to bridge a more advanced Indonesian agriculture.

Dr Walneg S Jas, Central Executive Board (DPP) HA IPB University, said in the webinar, “Food sovereignty in the future is something we must be concerned about. We must collaborate with all parties to prepare the Golden Indonesia 2045.”

He also informed that his party also held a 60-Year Grand Reunion of IPB University on November 25–26, 2023. This event provided an exhibition of the legacy of IPB University and alumni in taking part in the advancement of Indonesian agriculture.

Also attending the webinar was Arief Prasetyo, Chair of the National Food Agency. On that occasion, he stated that currently there is an increase in the farmer exchange rate (NTP).

“When I became the Acting Minister of Agriculture a few weeks ago, I immediately worked and recorded the things that had to be done. It was found that the development of NTP increased. Food barns are also prepared to ensure food sovereignty in Indonesia,” he said.

However, Yeka Hendra Fatika, an alumnus of IPB University who is also a member of the Indonesian Ombudsman, admitted that food sovereignty in Indonesia currently still needs improvement. For example, regulations to open up opportunities for food exports are not yet clear. According to him, this condition must be a common concern to improve food sovereignty with a better and more modern system. (*/Rz) (IAAS/MZS)