LPPM IPB University Showcases IPB University Innovations at the 5th STII Conference

LPPM IPB University Showcases IPB University Innovations at the 5th STII Conference


IPB University’s Community Service Research Institute (LPPM) attended the invitation of the fifth Conference of Indonesian Islamic Peasant Union (STII) at the Darul Fallah Islamic Boarding School, Bogor, West Java. On the occasion, Deputy Head of Community Service LPPM IPB University, Prof. Sugeng Heri Suseno who also represented the Rector of IPB University had the opportunity to present the results of IPB University’s innovations to the conference participants on Saturday (11/23).

In his presentation, Prof. Sugeng said that there were a lot of innovations at IPB University and could be collaborated with STII so that the innovations could benefit farmers. “IPB University is ready to help the community through community service activities by sending students through the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKNT) and IPB Goes to Field (IGTF) program and sending IPB University facilitators / alumni to the community through the Field Agro Creative Station (SLAK) program “In addition, IPB University also presented professors and non professors of IPB University through the Serving Lecturer Program,” he said.

STII Secretary General, Fathurrahman Mahfudz said, “We want to restore the spirit of our friends so that they have full and comprehensive commitment to the world of agriculture. “Almost all food ingredients can grow well in Indonesia. Of course we have to manage this potential well and we can collaborate with IPB University.” (NR)


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