IPB University Performs Quality Assurance on Community Service Activities

IPB University Performs Quality Assurance on Community Service Activities


Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University held a Seminar on the Results of Community Service Activities in 2019 on 19-20/11 at the Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor.

A total of 74 titles of community service activities carried out by IPB University lecturers working with local government and private partners were presented. This activity was guided by a moderator, Dr. Prayoga Suryadarma, Head of the Community Service Program Division of LPPM IPB University and Dr. Ninuk Purnaningsih, Head of the Field Study Program for Real Work and Student Service of LPPM-IPB University.

In his report, Deputy Head of LPPM IPB University in the Field of Community Service, Prof. Sugeng Heri Suseno said that the implementation of community service seminars was a form of quality insurance for community service in all IPB University units.

“In the future, all community service activities can be united in the IPB University’s abdimas system in accordance with the second year community service roadmap, namely systemization of the program. In addition, we can also design community service activities that are measured in the abdimas output in the form of journal publications or scientific forums, “said Professor of IPB University.

The Head of LPPM IPB University, Dr. Aji Hermawan said, the lecturers at IPB University had a strong character and value to serve without seeing any correlation with cumulative credit scores. “We are trying to formalize research or community service activities. That is, essentially devotion activities have been carried out by friends from study centers, faculties and departments. These activities need to be recorded and administered which we can then try to disseminate the results to the community, so we hope that the service activities carried out by IPB University will have a high ranking impact on the community, “said a lecturer at IPB University.

Dr Aji hopes that the seminar held by the results of community service activities in collaboration with IPB University with local government and the private sector can provide great benefits to the community, produce a better society, provide better knowledge and impact the community.

Also attending the event was Deputy Head of LPPM IPB for Research, Prof. Agik Suprayogi and Secretary of LPPM IPB University, Prof. Faiz Syu’aib. (AVR)