Prevention of Stunting Through Gemasting Workshop

Gemasting (Stunting Conscious Community Movement) is one of the programs of Student Creativity Program in Community Service (PKMM) IPB University which focuses on prevention of stunting by providing education to the public. The target of the Gemasting program itself is women of childbearing age, pregnant women, and mothers who have toddlers. The aim of the program is to increase public knowledge about stunting, increase public awareness and concern in preventing stunting, and increase community creativity in processing balanced nutritious food as an effort to prevent stunting. One series of Gemasting programs is a workshop.

The Gemasting Workshop was held on July 1, 2019 in the Hall of the Benteng Village Office, Ciampea District, Bogor Regency. This activity is expected to be able to introduce the Gemasting program as a stunting prevention effort that has been carried out in Gunung Leutik Village, Benteng Village and provides an understanding of stunting. The workshop was attended by the Head of Benteng Village, Posyandu cadres, Posbindu cadres, and cadres of Family Welfare Development (PKK) in Benteng Village.

The mother of Benteng Village Head, Wiwin Wijayani, M.Pd said in her remarks, even though Benteng Village does not yet include the red line area in the stunting problem, it still needs a "warning" to prevent stunting. It was also explained that the stunting problem received its own budget by the government because stunting was a serious problem in Indonesia.

In addition to remarks from the Village Head of Benteng Village, a speech was also delivered by Aenyfatchu Rohmah as Chairman of the PKMM "Gemasting", in his speech saying that the stunting problem is a shared responsibility, so students also have an obligation to contribute significantly in preventing stunting, one of them is through This PKM.

The workshop was held in the form of a talk show moderated by Ahmad Fauzan as an IPB student and filled by two presenters namely Jihan Eka Aprilia as a Gemasting team member who explained the Gemasting program and M. Nasrul Qorib from the IPB University Department of Community Nutrition who explained stunting from a perspective science of nutrition. In the workshop a reading of the Gemasting program was also made to be used as a program for Benteng Village in 2020. The program proposal letter was read by the moderator and submission of the proposal letter along with PKM M proposal "Gemasting" by the PKM chairman to the Fortress Village Mother.

With the Gemasting workshop which was attended by posyandu cadres, posbindu cadres, and PKK cadres as one of the motivators of the village community, the Gemasting team hoped that Gemasting could be continued independently as an effort to prevent stunting and reduce stunting rates in Indonesia. (NR)

Published Date : 11-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Wiwin Wijayani, M.Pd

Keyword : Gemasting, Stunting, PKMM, IPB University, Gemasting Workshop