IPB3S Rice Varieties Develops Rapidly in Southwest Aceh

IPB3S Rice Varieties Develops Rapidly in Southwest Aceh


New varieties of rice, IPB3S, keeps being developed in Southwest Aceh (ABDYA), Aceh Province. Through the support of the Seed Industry Start-Up Program by Kemenristekdikti, this year, ABDYA Regency has produced purple label seed and scattered-seed. This program is in line with ABDYA Regent’s program, Akmal Ibrahim, SH that targeted that IPB3S rice is planted in the 3000-hectare area.

On December 9th, 2018 in Babahrot Sub-District, the harvest of IPB3S seed was held at the farmers’ land of Joint Operation partnership of Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Seed Center of Faculty of Agriculture IPB, along with PT. Botani Seed from PT. Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) which is the holding company of IPB. The harvest was attended by the Regional Secretary, Head of DPRD, DandimDanAL, Head of Agriculture and Food Service, and the agricultural instructors. From IPB, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in Resources Cooperation and Development (Wadek SKP), Dr. Ahmad Junaedi, breeders of IPB3S rice, Dr. Hajrial Aswidinnoor, Ahmad Zamzami, M.Si, Ir. Joangsyah, and Nazi, SP, attended the event. This event was also attended by more than a hundred farmers from various sub-district in ABDYA Regency.

Head of Agriculture and Food Service, Drh. Nasruddin conveyed his hope to get IPB3S rice that was indeed enthused farmers to keep being developed in ABDYA Regency. “ABDYA Regency expects the presence of IPB to help advance agriculture, especially rice and the welfare of its farmers,” he said. Likewise, the expectations of the Regent, Akmal Ibrahim, SH, as stated in his remarks delivered by the Secretary, Drs. Thamrin.

Responding to the wish, Wadek SKP Faperta IPB, Dr. Ahamd Junaedi stated IPB’s commitment is present among its friends, the farmers and the instructors of ABDYA Regency, to increase the rice productivity and the welfare of the farmers. Dr. Ahmad also expressed his support by encouraging the farmers to be proud and grateful because they played a vital role to produce food and participate in maintaining the ecology. Meanwhile, Dr. Hajrial discussed the characteristic of new IPB3S type and its complementing technology.

Hopefully, the synergy that has been built in ABDYA Regency can always continue. This is in line with the spirit of IPB-share, realizing the real role of IPB in taking part in nation-building, especially in the Aceh region, the most North and West Provinces of Indonesia, which are thousands of kilometers away from IPB Campus in Bogor. (CN)