Vocational School Study Program

Vocational School Study Program


In 2004, based on the Decree of the Board of Trustees (MWA) of IPB University No. 17/MWA-IPB/2003 concerning the Bylaws of the IPB University which mandated the Polytechnic as a forum for managing vocational studies, the university conducted structuring and restructuring for the implementation of the Diploma Education Program. Based on the Rector Decree No. 124/K13/OT/2004 dated July 13, 2004, the Directorate of Diploma Program was established as a work unit which was given a mandate to manage the implementation of the Educational Diploma Program at IPB University in the transition period leading to its independent development.

In 2017, based on the Regulations of the Board of Trustees (MWA) of IPB University No. 08/MWA-IPB/2014, the Organization and Work Procedure of IPB University which includes the School as an academic implementing element at the university was approved. Based on the approval of the Academic Senate of IPB University as outlined in the Academic Senate Decree Number 75/SA-IPB/K/2017 dated 18 September 2017 concerning the approval of the opening of Bogor Agricultural Vocational School of Studies, it is necessary to establish the School and its formation needs to be established by a Rector's Decree. Therefore, based on the Rector’s Decree No. 228/IT3/OT/2017 dated October 6, 2017, a Vocational School of Studies was formed. The School is given the mandate to conduct the Diploma I to IV Program, Applied Masters Program and Applied Doctoral Program in the Field of Agriculture, Marine and Tropical Biosciences.

At present the Vocational School of the IPB University has opened 17 Diploma III Study Programs, including:

  1. Communication
  2. Ecotourism           
  3. Management of Informatics
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Food Quality Assurance Supervisor
  6. Industrial Management of Service, Food and Nutrition
  7. Seed Industry Technology
  8. Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture
  9. Livestock Technology and Management
  10. Agribusiness Management
  11. Industrial Management
  12. Chemical Analysis
  13. Environmental Engineering and Management
  14. Accounting
  15. Veterinary Paramedics
  16. Technology and Management of Plantation Production
  17. Production Technology and Development of agricultural communities

At present, the Vocational School of Studies is preparing to open a Diploma IV Program which will be opened in the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Applied Masters Degree Program and Applied Doctoral Degree Program will also be opened in the next few years.



  • Vision

Becoming the leading Vocational School of Studies in International level in strengthening the dignity of the nation through applied higher education that is superior and has entrepreneurial characters (in agriculture, marine affairs and tropical biosciences).

  • Mission
  1. Preparing educated graduates who have superior knowledge and skills, become professional and have entrepreneurial characters in the fields of agriculture, marine and tropical biosciences in accordance with the needs of the world of work (link and match);
  2. Pioneering the development of excellent applied science and technology in the fields of agriculture, marine affairs and tropical biosciences for the progress of the nation
  3. Transforming innovative applied science and technology for enlightenment, benefits, and sustainable improvement in quality of life


Development Strategy

The core strategy of SV IPB development consists of:

  1. Improvement in the quality of education, development of students and role of alumni.
  2. Improvement and development of human resources and increased welfare
  3. Capacity building & networking cooperation and improvement in the quality of research and community service
  4. Development and construction of facilities supporting the Tri Dharma of Higher Education
  5. Strengthening  of the organization management system