Polyclinic of IPB

Polyclinic of IPB

Holding the task of serving lecturers and educational staff as well as their nuclear families and students in the needs for health care and basic medical treatment


  1. Planning and developing a health care system,
  2. Planning and developing polyclinic resources,
  3. Planning and developing functional health personnel,
  4. Providing basic health care and first aids that include,
  5. Medical check-up, treatment and actions by general practitioners,
  6. Health screening services for IPB’s new students (S0, S1, S2, S3),
  7. Implementing a referral system to hospitals for patients in need,
  8. Making and maintaining medical records;
  9. Recording the cases of diseases and the number of patients on a regular basis,
  10. Coordinating with and reporting disease cases to the Health Office of Bogor Regency and City of Bogor, and
  11. Implementing the quality control of medicines and health according to the existing regulations.

Polyclinic Organization consists of:

  1. Head and
  2. Vice head.

Head of Polyclinic
Prof.Dr.drh. Fachriyan Hasmi Pasaribu

Website: http://poliklinik.ipb.ac.id/