Landshuis was the home of a Dutch landlord. It was first owned by Gerrit Willem Casimir van Motman, the first landlord of tea and coffee planters since 1789. In 1813, Motman bought a land and at the same time became the landlord in Darmaga and Jasinga. Until finally in 1821, died he in Darmaga and buried in Jasinga. He left a vast estate to his two children; covering the area around Bogor, Darmaga, Jasinga, Rumpin, Jambu, Semplak, Cikandir, Kedung Badak, Pondok Gedeh and others. Her first child got the land in Jasinga, while the second, Jacob Gerrit van Motman Tehodoor , became a landlord in Darmaga in 1816-1890. Plantation commodities in addition to tea and coffee are lemongrass and rubber. The next generation of Motman family managing the plantation was Pieter Reinier van Motman. He is recorded as the fourth generation or successor. The last Motman family who lived in landshuis was Pauline Elize Laurence Marie van Motman and her husband A. B Paauwe.

In 1958, after Indonesia's independence, all foreign companies were nationalized, including the rubber plantations in Darmaga. The First President  of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno stayed three times in landshuis to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery, rolling hills and plantations. He liked to sit on the porch of the east front of the building. In 1961, President Soekarno conducted a groundbreaking as a sign that in the future this plantation would become the IPB campus. After the death of Motman family, approximately in 19960s landshuis was used as a female student dormitory of IPB. In 1980s the building was renovated to become the office for the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. In 1990s it was renovated for use as the project office of New Campus Construction Management Team of IPB Darmaga. In 1996 an extensive renovation was carried out to turn it into the official house of IPB Rector.

Landshuis has a bell that was built in 1805. Amongst the plantation workers at the time, it was known as a slavenbel. In 1885 the bell holder was strengthened in the form of a monument. One hundred years later, on 4 November 1986 the monument was renovated back to the original.

In order to implement IPB as a State Owned Legal Entity in accordance with Regulation 154/2000, IPB leaders realize the importance of building community and a conducive campus atmosphere. For this reason, a strategic place for IPB’s guest hospitality and IPB’s staff unity must be prioritized. Finally, landshuis is no longer projected as the official house of IPB Rector, but as a guest house. In this way, we have made landshuis as a witness to the history of the nation to fill up its independence with contributive sciences and scientific actions, and make agriculture as a common platform of sustainable development.

Three times Soekarno visited Landshuis to take a rest. It was the scenic beauty of expanding trees and valley as seen from the building that attracted Sukarno’s attention of. He liked to sit resting on the porch on the right front part in the east.


  • Seven bedrooms:  2 big bedrooms (6 x 6 m2), and 5 single bedrooms (4 x 5 m2). Each has a bathroom.
  • A big room for the capacity of 200 people
  • Gazebo for a garden party
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Musholla or Prayer Room

Landhuis IPB
Darmaga Campus of IPB
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