Prof. Dr. drh. Agik Suprayogi, M.Sc


  • Increasing the production and qualities of ruminansia livestock milk
  • Spur the growth of calf in the breastfeeding period


–           With 100-150 gram of KATULAC per day per dairy cattle, able to increase milk production around 35-40%

–           This product contains non-polar active compound katuk leaves that’s nutritious to spur the production of dairy cattle

–           This product is very safe to be consumed by dairy cattle and utilized to sheep and goat

–           KATULAC application on dairy cattle is very easy and practical. Breeder can use it directly or mixing it first to concentrate feed like Standard Operational Procedure in the husbandry.


KATULAC is a technology innovation based on local Indonesian natural resources, expected to be able to improve the appearance of breeders' milk production and simultaneously meet national milk needs which currently still depend on imports. This product has long been developed in the laboratory as a product that is efficacious for triggering milk production and reproductive function.

Positive responses to increased milk production, also followed by the composition of milk nutrients that are still quite good, as evidenced by the content of fat, protein, lactose, and dry content (total solid) which are still very good. The increase in milk production that occurs, apparently does not interfere with the balance of lactation parent body weight. Calves born by cows that consume this product indicate an increase in growth in calf body weight. Besides that, giving this product can suppress the occurrence of subclinical mastitis (inflammation of the udder) in lactation udder, and does not interfere with the reproductive system of dairy cows.

Since this product is an additional feed, the recommended dosage is around 100-150 grams per day and administration is carried out when the old pregnant cow (± 9 months or dry cage) until the lactation period. This product has a high opportunity to produce additional feed industry and able to stimulate the development of national dairy.


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