International Partner

International Partner

IPB University has numerous well-established links and collaboration with overseas partner institutions. IPB has developed active collaboration with more than 160 universites and institutions around the world. Various networking activities have been conducted such as Joint Degree Program, Double Degree Program, Students Exchange, Summer Course Program, Collaborative Research, Joint Publication, Joint Seminars, Joint Supervision, Training Projects, and other areas. The collaboration is formally documented with Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement.

Collaboration Partner from United State of America :

  1. Cornell University, Amerika Serikat
  2. George Mason University, Amerika Serikat
  3. Lousiana State University, Amerika Serikat
  4. Michigan State University, Amerika Serikat
  5. Ohio State University, Amerika Serikat
  6. The University of Maine, Amerika Serikat
  7. The University of Nebraska, Amerika Serikat
  8. The University of Rhode Island, Amerika Serikat
  9. The University of Washington (APL), Amerika Serikat

Collaboration Partner from Australia :

  1. Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  2. Murdoch University, Australia
  3. Southern Cross University, Australia
  4. The Univeristy of Sydney, Australia
  5. The University of Canterbury, Australia
  6. The University of Queensland, Australia
  7. The University of Veterinary Medicine, Australia

Collaboration Partner from Netherland :

  1. Maastricht School of Management, Belanda
  2. The University of Leiden, Belanda
  3. Trans Solar International II BV, Belanda
  4. Wageningen University, Belanda

Collaboration Partner from China :

  1. Northeast Forestry University, China
  2. Xiamen University, China
  3. Yunnan University, China

Collaboration Partner from England :

  1. The Operation of Wallacea, Inggris
  2. The Univ. of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Inggris
  3. The University of New England, Inggris
  4. The University of Northumbria, Inggris
  5. World Animal Protection, Inggris

Collaboration Partner from Italy :

  1. IBGC, Italia
  2. The University of Florence, Italia
  3. The University of Rome, Italia
  4. Universite Politecnica delle Marche, Italia

Collaboration Partner from Jepan :

  1. Chiba University, Jepang
  2. Ehime University, Jepang
  3. Gifu University Jepang
  4. Kagoshima University, Jepang
  5. KAO Corporation, Jepang
  6. Kinki University, Jepang
  7. Kobe University, Jepang
  8. Kyushu University, Jepang
  9. Manda Fermentation Co.Ltd, Jepang (MoA)
  10. Nagoya Aichi, Japan

Collaboration Partner from Malaysia :

  1. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia