High Quality Local Chicken

High Quality Local Chicken


Prof Dr Cece Sumantri


IPB-D1 chicken line is a composite of breeding result between F1 male (Pelung Sentul) with F1 female (local x broiler Cobb parent stock), which produces the G1 offspring that is bred until the fifth generation. The genetic composition ratio of Pelung : Sentul : Local : Broiler Cobb parent stock is 25% each, resulting 75 percent of local chicken genes and 25 percent of broiler genes.

The superiority of IPB-D1 is their fast growth and ability to reach the culling weight (male 1,18 ± 0,2 kg and female 1,04 ± 0,12 kg) at 10-12 weeks old. They also have good environmental adaptation capability and good immunity against Newcastle Disease (ND) or Tetelo and Salmonella. IPB D1 chickens’ growth can be categorized as fast because they only need 10 weeks to reach 1,2 kilograms of body weight. IPB D1 chicken rearing has been applied in Sinar Harapan Farm, Sukabumi, West Java.


  • Fast growth
  • High-quality meat
  • Resistance against several diseases, especially ND/tetelo and Salmonella spp
  • This innovation got an award from Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF) Science and Technology Award 2019


Professor of Faculty of Animal Sciences, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof Cece Sumantri conducted a study about implementing molecular genetics to develop Indonesia’s local chickens’ productivity and quality. The study managed to identify marker genes in free-range local (kampong) chickens and other local chickens which were used in the selection process for breeding.

From this study, Prof Cece managed to find a local chicken variant which is named IPB-D1, which can be grown fast, with high-quality meat and resistance against diseases.

According to him, IPB-D1 chickens can be developed as semi-organic/organic chickens because of their good immunity against diseases, adaptability in free-range system integrated with farm, and distinctive meat taste. Commercialization of IPB-D1 chickens through RISPRO-LPDP (2019-2021) program which partners with Local Chicken Industry Citra Lestari Farm in Bekasi and Sinar Harapan Farm/SHF in Jampang Tengah, Sukabumi aims to increase purebred IPB-D1 chickens’ population and their final stock, as well as their processing industry. It is expected that SHF will be the center of IPB-D1 chickens’ development in rural areas.

With that potential, local chickens can be developed in underdeveloped rural areas, so they can help improving the locals’ economy. Besides that, the locals who keep local chickens, or kampong chickens in general, can increase their protein intake by consuming their own chickens.

Not only in household scale, local chicken rearing also has the potential to be developed in the industry scale. The industry scale to be developed can be day-old-chicks, broilers, and layers industries.


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