ASURA: Smart Assisting Robots to Increase Harvesting Capacity


  • Sutan Muhammad Sadam Awal (student)
  • Unggul Teguh Prasetyo (student)
  • Ahmad Safrizal (student)
  • Alifah Nur Aini (student)
  • Dr. Slamet Widodo (supervisor)


Reduces the workload of harvesters due to manual harvest constraints


  • There are two operating modes, namely: Person Following and Android Remote Control
  • Equipped with an easy to operate interface
  • Reducing the risk of fatigue and increasing harvesting capacity


ASURA has two operating features, the first is the following mode used during harvesting (in this case for cucumber harvesting). The second mode is the remote webcam mode which is used for harvester mobility when ASURA is moved elsewhere.

The harvesters who walk will be followed by ASURA so harvesters can focus on harvesting activities. The crop will then be placed in the basket carried by ASURA. With this collaboration it is expected that harvesting work capacity can be increased.

ASURA is equipped with a harvest weight detection tool that can record cucumber weights harvested on certain crop plots. Managers can use the weighting data to evaluate farming techniques during the season for the following season. This machine can accommodate yields of up to 25 kilograms per unit of robot.

The use of ASURA in other cropping conditions can be done by first modifying the robot wheel. The development of ASURA for harvesting other commodities can also be done by adjusting container capacity and engine power for transportation.

ASURA managed to occupy the position of first runner up in the machine design competition for students organized by the Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering of IPB in collaboration with Yanmar Indonesia in 2017.


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