TNC IPB University Discusses the Involvement of Young People as Agents of Change in Agricultural Development 4.0

TNC IPB University Discusses the Involvement of Young People as Agents of Change in Agricultural Development 4.0

TNC IPB University Bahas Keterlibatan Anak Muda sebagai Agent of Change dalam Pembangunan Pertanian 4.0

IPB University Farmers and Fishermen Cooperation Center (TNC) Coordinator, Luna Lukvitasari, S.Si, M.Si was a resource person at the activity “Tahu Tech: Agricultural Revolution 4.0: Designing Productivity and Innovation Through Smart Breakthroughs” on Sunday, 24/03.

This activity was carried out directly by BRIWork Agro-Hub IPB in the BRIWork IPB Building and was attended by students, the general public, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs/UMKM) who are members of the Agro Club community.

On this occasion, Luna Lukvitasari said that agriculture in Indonesia faces various challenges, namely land conversion and ecosystem degradation, farmer regeneration, difficulty in accessing and owning land, and low farmer incomes to realize agriculture 4.0. Therefore, agents of change or young farmers and innovation play a role in making it happen.

“There is a need for the involvement of young people as agents of change in realizing agriculture 4.0 and it must also be supported by old knowledge that can be adapted to produce innovation,” said Luna Lukvitasari.

Luna continued, currently, IPB University has a digital technology innovation, namely the IPB Digitani Application which is supported by experts from IPB University. “IPB Digitani functions as information technology or a source of knowledge and communication for consultation on agricultural issues in a broad sense that can be used free of charge. The IPB Digitani application is also supported by experts to carry out farmer consultations for free. “Apart from that, IPB Digitani is also a source of knowledge,” she explained.

She continued, that apart from digital technology innovation, IPB University has other innovations in the field of robotics, namely ASURA: Smart Assisting Robot as an automatic harvesting tool. “The new innovation from IPB University, namely ASURA Robotics, is a tool for harvesting crops automatically,” she added.

Luna explained that innovation in the field of technology shows that agriculture 4.0 is an agricultural activity that utilizes and applies technology in the on-farm or off-farm scope.

“Agriculture 4.0 is agricultural activities that use system 4.0 in on-farm and off-farm implementation. “Off-farm applies more IT-based remote activities, while on-farm applies digital technology in agriculture,” explained Luna.

Luna hopes that agents of change and innovation from IPB University can contribute to sustainable agricultural development from upstream to downstream and are oriented toward farmer welfare. (*/Lp) (IAAS/ASD)