Startup School Program Leads IPB University Students to Successful Export of Healthy Chips Products

Startup School Program Leads IPB University Students to Successful Export of Healthy Chips Products

Program Startup School Antarkan Mahasiswa IPB University Sukses Ekspor Produk Healthy Chips

PT Export Tani Nusantara or Future Agri is an international trading company managed by IPB University students. The company has exported its flagship product Healthy Chips to several countries such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States. What is the story behind this success?

Future Agri Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Al Fiqie said that the company was established on October 28, 2022 with the main vision of lifting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia to the global market. The company was founded with four other IPB University students, namely Muhammad Syihabuddin Balya, Rizvan Adrian Kurniawan, Siril Fuad and M Fadhillah Hendri and Rifma Dara as the product owner.

Al Fiqie said that Future Agri started from the problem of the difficulty of getting market access and the long marketing distribution chain. This problem had happened in his area, Padang, West Sumatra. When there is an over supply, farmers in his area are confused about where to market it, so that many crops are wasted.

“It was very sad. However, a group of young people are here to try to solve this problem by connecting farmers, fishermen and micro, small and medium enterprises to the international market. We know the large market demand for various Indonesian products in the global market,” said Al Fiqie in front of the leaders of IPB University, on 27/3.

Al Fiqie continued, Future Agri as an exporter worked with several micro, small and medium enterprises-based suppliers in Malang, East Java to market its products to the global market. His efforts failed in the first year. However, thanks to consistency, strong will and determination, it finally paid off.

Al Fiqie said, currently Healthy Chips has 15 variants. Future Agri as an international trading company will focus on exporting this product to the global market as its vision “Bridging micro, small and medium enterprises to Worldwide Market”.

“I would like to thank my friends from Future Agri who have survived until now even though we have not achieved much but at least because the orientation from the beginning was one vision, so we can survive in any circumstances and risks,” said this student of the Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University.

Not to forget, Al Fiqie also thanked the Directorate of Student Affairs of IPB University, which has facilitated students who are interested in business through the Startup School program. This program provides access and opportunities to connect with investors and business mentors. (MHT/Lp) (IAAS/HLF)