Develop a Professional Career, IPB University Students Study LinkedIn Learning

Develop a Professional Career, IPB University Students Study LinkedIn Learning

Kembangkan Karier Profesional, Mahasiswa IPB University Pelajari LinkedIn Learning

IPB University’s Directorate of International Education again collaborated with LinkedIn to hold a Webinar How to use LinkedIn Learning on 30/3. This webinar was attended by LinkedIn’s Talent Account Executive, Ms Sury Chow. This event is an initiative step from IPB University to support the professional development and career readiness of students in an increasingly competitive world of work.

Puji Mudiana, SP, MA, Director of the Directorate of International Education at IPB University said, “This webinar provides students with the opportunity to understand that the LinkedIn platform is also a forum for professional business networking in the future,” said Puji.

She continued, this webinar also opens up insight into using the LinkedIn Learning feature, an online learning platform that provides various learning courses that can improve the skills and knowledge we have.

“This webinar is in line with IPB University’s commitment to providing support in developing students’ professional careers. I hope that the material that will be provided by the resource person can provide inspiration and valuable input to the participants so that they can make optimal use of the LinkedIn Learning features,” said Puji.

In the webinar, Ms Sury Chow provided students with insight into, among other things, the features and potential of LinkedIn as a business and professional networking platform as well as utilizing LinkedIn Learning for online learning course opportunities offered by LinkedIn to improve skills and knowledge.

“I hope that this webinar can provide significant benefits for students in preparing themselves for their future careers. It is hoped that the opportunity to expand knowledge and skills through LinkedIn Learning can be a strategic step in increasing students’ competitiveness in the competitive world of work,” said Ms Sury Chow.

The activity continued with a question and answer session between Ms Sury Chow and several students, as well as exchanging tips and tricks to become a highlight for Human Resources (HR) by utilizing courses on LinkedIn Learning. Questions and discussions from the participants made the participants interactive and provided a deeper understanding. (*/Lp) (IAAS/HNJ)