Committed to Local Development, IPB University Holds Dosen Pulang Kampung Programme again

Committed to Local Development, IPB University Holds Dosen Pulang Kampung Programme again

Komitmen pada Pembangunan Lokal, IPB University Kembali Adakan Program Dosen Pulang Kampung

The Directorate of Agromaritime Community Development (DPMA), IPB University is back in supporting local development through the launch of the 2024 Dosen Pulang Kampung (Dospulkam) Programme, on 1/4. The programme involved 328 lecturers, 150 students and 1875 affected communities.

The programme is a concrete manifestation of IPB University in implementing the tri dharma of higher education, especially in the value of service. In addition, IPB University as a higher education institution not only produces various innovations, but also plays an active role in the socio-economic development of the community.

Also present in this activity was the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria. In his speech, he emphasised the importance of the active role of universities in supporting sustainable development.

“The Dospulkam programme is one of the tangible manifestations of IPB University’s commitment in serving the community and advancing the welfare of villages in Indonesia, especially in our hometown. This programme is implemented to downstream innovations in order to give an impact from the presence of IPB University for the progress of society, industry and the progress of the nation, giving a broad impact on society,” he said.

In line with that, Director of Agromaritime Community Development, Dr Handian Purwawangsa explained that IPB University lecturers involved in this programme would return to their hometowns to contribute directly in helping their villages or homelands.

“By bringing innovations and knowledge available at IPB, the lecturers play a role in assisting the community to solve the problems faced, as well as increasing local socio-economic resilience,” said Dr Handian.

The Dosen Pulang Kampung programme was officially opened with the symbolic signing of the Implementation Agreement Letter or contract by the representative of the Chief Executive of Dospulkam 2024, Dr Roza Yusfiandayani, witnessed directly by the Rector of IPB University.

“The implementation of the Dospulkam programme this year will run from April to December 2024 which will be spread to 75 villages in 12 provinces in Indonesia. Through cooperation between lecturers, students, and local communities, it is hoped that this programme can have a positive and sustainable impact on the development of villages in the country,” said Dr Handian.

He continued, with full support and commitment in making contributions, I am confident that this programme will be able to create real changes in improving the welfare and economic resilience of local communities. “Through innovation, knowledge and expertise brought by lecturers and students, it is hoped that the problems faced by communities in villages can be addressed effectively,” said Dr Handian.

“The Dospulkam programme is not just a temporary activity, but is part of a long-term commitment to support sustainable development in Indonesia. Thus, this programme is expected to become one of the pillars in the effort to achieve sustainable social, economic, and environmental progress at the local level,” Dr Handian concluded. (*/Lp) (IAAS/RUM)