KPM Study Programme IPB University: More than Just Communication Science

KPM Study Programme IPB University: More than Just Communication Science

Prodi KPM IPB University: Lebih dari Sekadar Ilmu Komunikasi

“Communication major at IPB University? Learn to chat with rice fields?”

These sentences are one of the many questions that develop in the community related to the Communication and Community Development Study Programme (Prodi) at IPB University.

IPB University’s Communication and Community Development Study Programme does not only learn about communication. In here, the curriculum integrates several scientific branches such as sociology, communication, anthropology, politics, human ecology, education, extension and community development in agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries and coastal ecology.

KPM IPB University is able to produce graduates who can apply the theories and concepts learned as practitioners or academics both in extension activities, community development and natural resource governance. Graduates also have an honest, critical, empathetic, resilient, gender-sensitive, communicative, participatory attitude and take sides with marginalised groups.

The various advantages possessed by KPM IPB University graduates are able to deliver their alumni to have careers in various fields. Various career prospects for KPM graduates include corporate social responsibility (CSR), social problem consultants, researchers, lecturers, journalists, journalists, multimedia fields such as advertising, film production, television stations, and public relations.

To support the ability of graduates, one of the interesting things in lectures at KPM IPB University is going to the field activities. Students can apply the theory obtained in class, with direct observation and interaction with the community. This activity also takes students to explore the area around the campus to various regions in Indonesia.

In addition to field activities, the culture of learning during lectures also plays a major role in shaping the positive character of students. “Especially in the KPM Study Program, most of the assignments are group assignments, so you need to adjust your time with your group mates between organisational activities that are also running. However, it made me accustomed to time management and collaboration,” said Erica Mutiara Fatimah, one of the KPM graduates who achieved a perfect GPA of 4.00 in her undergraduate graduation in October 2023.

Erica was already working in external communication and stakeholder relations at Pertamina Hulu Energi before her graduation. Diligence in academics and developing soft skills and hard skills during college succeeded in getting Erica a job before graduation. (Tabina/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)