IPB Vocational School Sukabumi Generates Eight Areas of Cooperation with Sukabumiupdate.com

IPB Vocational School Sukabumi Generates Eight Areas of Cooperation with Sukabumiupdate.com

Sekolah Vokasi IPB Sukabumi Hasilkan Delapan Bidang Kerja Sama dengan Sukabumiupdate.com

To continue to produce graduates who are ready to compete in the world of work, IPB Vocational School Sukabumi Campus is committed to expanding cooperation with external parties. As a form of implementation, IPB Vocational School Sukabumi Campus signed a cooperation agreement with Sukabumiupdate.com, a local media that has been widely recognized in Indonesia. The cooperation was held on Friday, 23/2 at the IPB Vocational School, Sukabumi Campus.

The signing of this cooperation was carried out by the Dean of the IPB University Vocational School, Dr Aceng Hidayat and Nuril Arifin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sukabumiupdate.com. This cooperation covers eight fields, namely the Implementation of Internships, Channelization of Journalistic Product Publications, Implementation of Thematic Discussions, Lecturer Research according to expertise, Implementation of Student Research, Social Laboratories, Research on Content Creators and Podcast Operators.

In his speech, Dean of IPB University Vocational School Dr Aceng Hidayat said that this cooperation has great potential to support the development of research, Field Work Practices (PKL), academic fields, and community service.

“The importance of exploring local media such as Sukabumiupdate.com as a means to develop students’ knowledge and abilities in various fields, especially journalism,” said Dr Aceng.

He continued, the collaboration between IPB Sukabumi Campus and Sukabumiupdate.com is expected to provide great benefits for both parties, and be able to produce new innovations in the growing media world.

Meanwhile, Nuril Arifin emphasized the media’s commitment to providing innovative platforms, especially in terms of audio and video content which is considered to be a trend in the future.

“We will provide opportunities for students to participate in practical learning and talent development through internship programs. We also want our media to be used as much as possible for the educational process, especially at IPB University Vocational School. We are ready to support various other forms of cooperation,” he said. (*/Lp) (IAAS/Ard)