Held the Graduation, The Rector of IPB University Delivered Three Important Messages to Confront the Challenges of The Times

Held the Graduation, The Rector of IPB University Delivered Three Important Messages to Confront the Challenges of The Times

Wisuda, Rektor IPB University Sampaikan Tiga Pesan Penting Hadapi Tantangan Zaman

IPB University held another graduation ceremony for 800 graduates from various degree programs, including Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Applied Bachelor’s programs. The ceremony took place at the Graha Widya Wisuda, IPB Dramaga Campus, 21/2.

In his address, the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria, conveyed three important messages to face the challenges of the times. Firstly, he emphasized the importance of having a true learner’s mindset, always having a thirst for learning, considering everyone as a teacher, and every place as a learning opportunity.

He also quoted Albert Einstein, saying, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Prof Arif believed that success is not solely dependent on teachers or parents but on the mindset that builds oneself.

“Einstein said once you stop learning, you start dying. If we don’t reskill, we will be left behind by changes and become irrelevant. People with a learning mindset usually have a growth mindset, believing and being optimistic that they can change,” he added.

Furthermore, Prof Arif advised the graduates to have dreams and focus on future practice. “With future practice, we will become leaders. But if we focus on best practices, we will forever be followers,” he added.

The third message from the Rector was for the graduates to strengthen their character and integrity. Citing research by Thomas Stanley, he emphasized that the first key to success is honesty.

Previously, he mentioned the rapidly changing world. Once changes were marked by millennium periods, then they evolved into century periods known as centuries.

“Nowadays, we experience changes every decade, and in the future, we don’t know the changes in 2030. Therefore, it is important to have the ability to adapt to changes,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Central Management Board (DPP HA) of IPB University, Ir Iman Hilman, MM, added two keywords for success, honesty, and discipline. He conveyed that these characteristics are possessed by people in East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea and are proven to contribute to their advancement.

“Therefore, I invite the graduates to possess at least these two characteristics, honesty, and discipline. Today, I welcome you as part of the large family of Alumni Association, the grand alumni house of IPB University, as a platform for alumni to serve the alma mater, fellow alumni, and the nation,” he concluded. (dh/Rz) (IAAS/Hap)