SV IPB University Students Encourage Junior High School Students to Maintain Personal Hygiene

SV IPB University Students Encourage Junior High School Students to Maintain Personal Hygiene

Mahasiswa SV IPB University Ajak Siswa SMP Jaga Personal Hygiene
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Students of Management and Environmental Engineering of IPB University Vocational School conducted a community service programme at SMP Tamansiswa (Taman Dewasa), Ciwaringin, Bogor City, on 22/11.

This community service programme aims to increase personal hygiene awareness by using natural hand sanitiser from betel leaf (Piper betle) and lime (Citrus aurantifolia).

This activity began with the delivery of brief material on personal hygiene and discussion sessions. The interaction between students and students also synergises with each other so as to create a supportive atmosphere in the process of learning activities.

“Greetings for making hand sanitizers made with a mixture of betel leaf and lime extracts. The use of Betel Leaf and Lime for natural ingredients for making hand sanitisers has proven effective in inhibiting the spread of pathogens and killing pathogens,” said Indri Silvatul Hasanah, Management and Environmental Engineering Student.

She continued, the students looked enthusiastic and interested in making their own hand sanitiser and could be brought for students to use.

“The results of this activity can be seen in changes in student behaviour and enthusiasm, who are now more aware of the importance of maintaining their personal hygiene,” said Indri.

The long-term implementation of this community service is expected to form positive habits among students, not only at school but also in their neighbourhood.

“This effort is not only disease prevention, but also contributes to character building and overall well-being of the students. In addition, through this activity, SMP Tamansiswa Bogor is also expected to become an example for other schools in the effort to increase personal hygiene awareness among students,” she said. (Lp) (IAAS/RUM)