IPB University’s Graduate School, Diktiristek, and LPDP Conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of KNB Scholarships for the Fiscal Year 2023

IPB University’s Graduate School, Diktiristek, and LPDP Conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of KNB Scholarships for the Fiscal Year 2023

SPs IPB University, Diktiristek dan LPDP Adakan Monitoring dan Evaluasi Beasiswa KNB Tahun Anggaran 2023

The Graduate School (SPs) of IPB University, the Directorate of Institutions of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), and the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) held monitoring and evaluation (Monev) for the implementation of education for foreign students receiving the Developing Countries Partnership (KNB) scholarships for the fiscal year 2023 in the Pangrango Room on the 3rd floor, Dramaga Campus, on 5/12.

The KNB scholarship is a program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia through Ditjen Diktiristek. This scholarship is offered to foreign citizens in developing countries who have academic potential and an interest in studying at universities in Indonesia. The event was attended by 21 students who are recipients of the KNB scholarship at IPB University’s Graduate School.

Prof Titi Candra Sunarti, Vice Dean for Resources, Cooperation, and Development at IPB University’s Graduate School, welcomed the implementation of Monev for KNB scholarship students at IPB University.

She mentioned that currently, the activities of KNB students in 2023 are undergoing the mandatory Indonesian language program in their first year, as preparation for participating in master’s and doctoral education programs in the Graduate School at IPB University.

“For KNB students in 2021, they are currently conducting research, and their progress is always monitored by IPB University’s Graduate School to ensure they can complete their studies on time,” she said.

Prof Titi Candra Sunarti added that IPB University’s Graduate School has been a favorite destination for KNB students to continue their studies since 2006 when the KNB scholarship program was initiated, and it has been running smoothly. KNB students are also provided with an introduction to Indonesian culture to help them understand the diverse cultures in Indonesia.

“The introduction to Indonesian culture is crucial as it can serve as a promotional tool on the international stage. The hope is that foreign nationals from the KNB program will contribute to the positive dynamics and cross-cultural interactions between the academic community in Indonesia and international students,” she added.

IPB University is one of the reputable universities in Indonesia entrusted to run this program. In 2023, the Graduate School of IPB University received 9 KNB scholarship students from 8 countries, including Rwanda, Uganda, Yemen, Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Sudan, and Syria. (HBL/Lp) (IAAS/Hap)