IPB University Vocational School Lecturers Help Branding Banana Flour-Based Products at Mekar Sari Cooperative

IPB University Vocational School Lecturers Help Branding Banana Flour-Based Products at Mekar Sari Cooperative

Dosen Sekolah Vokasi IPB University Bantu Branding Produk Berbasis Tepung Pisang di Koperasi Mekar Sari

IPB University Vocational School lecturers provided training on strengthening cooperative institutions, marketing strategies and product branding as well as food packaging and labelling for Mekar Sari Cooperative in Cinta Mekar Village, Sagalaherang District, Subang Regency, West Java (25-26/11).

The training focused on increasing the selling value of products made from banana flour in the Mekar Sari Cooperative. This activity is part of IPB University’s 2023 Innovation Service Lecturer programme.

Team leader, Ani Nuraeni, said the training was in the form of motivating the importance of institutions as a forum for marketing products. The IPB University lecturer team also helped members and management of the cooperative in branding products, such as improving packaging and labels.

“The use of packaging and labels can undoubtedly increase the selling value of products which will have the opportunity to create jobs for the community, especially mothers and teenagers,” Ani said.

“We chose this training because Mekar Sari Cooperative has banana flour-based products that have the potential to be marketed. This product can also be a hallmark of Subang souvenirs,” continued Ani.

Last year, IPB University’s Innovation Service Lecturer programme focused on making banana flour-based products. However, the marketing is still very limited so it needs to be expanded.

Meanwhile, according to Veralianta br Sebayang, Lecturer of Agribusiness Management Study Programme, IPB University Vocational School, this training programme is one of the efforts to motivate cooperative members to participate in strengthening cooperative institutions.

“The institution can be used as a forum for economic activities and can encourage the improvement of their economy,” she concluded.

On the other hand, Dwi Yuni Hastati, who is also a team member, revealed that the success and sustainability of a business is the profit gained from improving packaging, product branding and product marketing.

“Using the right packaging will make the product have durability until it reaches consumers,” she added when explaining the importance of packaging and labelling for food products.

“Apart from packaging, product branding is also very important to build an image and gain public trust,” continued Faranita Ratih L.

Regarding marketing, Wien Kuntari as the resource person said that the right marketing strategy can also maximise the allocation of resources owned by the cooperative to increase product marketability.

The training was enthusiastically followed by the participants. Yuyun, Chairperson of Mekar Sari Cooperative, said that the training conducted by the lecturers of IPB University Vocational School was very useful.

“We now understand marketing strategies, good packaging and branding so that consumers can more easily remember and have a selling point in the market. This can help to re-develop the cooperative,” she said.

Arlunanda as the representative of Yayasan Inisiatif Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan (Ibeka) revealed that his party is very supportive of the follow-up activities held by the IPB University Vocational School lecturer team.

“Hopefully, after attending this training, the members and management of Mekar Sari Cooperative can have the enthusiasm to re-develop the cooperative by creating other business units that can support institutional strengthening,” said Arlunanda. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)