IPB University Students Learn Partnership Through the Thematic Student Service Program

IPB University Students Learn Partnership Through the Thematic Student Service Program

Mahasiswa IPB University Belajar Kemitraan Melalui Program Mahasiswa Mengabdi Tematik
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The Directorate of Agro Maritime Community Development (DPMA) IPB University, through the Thematic Student Service program, visited one of the partners in Cicadas Village, Babakan Madang District, Bogor, West Java.

During the visit, IPB University students were taught about papaya calina cultivation by studying, developing and implementing innovative and sustainable agricultural practices.

Papaya calina is a fruit native to Indonesia. This superior variety is the result of breeding by researchers from IPB University. Calina papaya is known for its characteristic sweet taste, thick flesh, resistance to certain diseases, and high commercial value.

This papaya variant is often the choice for farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs because of its superior quality, attractiveness to consumers and good market potential. In the context of agricultural development, papaya calina is often the focus of researchers and farmers who are interested in developing superior varieties and deeper market understanding.

On this occasion, IPB University students learned about the application of environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices in the cultivation of papaya calina. Some of them are related to organic farming techniques, natural resource management and approaches to reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Next, students are invited to understand partnerships regarding the local and international market for Calina papaya fruit, including marketing strategies, distribution and increasing the added value of the product.

With a focus on papaya calina, students can combine knowledge from various disciplines such as agriculture, environmental science, agribusiness management and marketing to produce a more comprehensive understanding and more holistic solutions in agriculture and agricultural product development.

“Today’s activity is relaxed but serious and certainly full of useful knowledge. We learned how to see the current and future potential of agriculture which is still developing. You can also find out about the Calina papaya market and the things that are the focus of learning as an agricultural student. “The activities are definitely really exciting,” impressed Irzi, a student at the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, a participant in the Thematic Student Service program. (*/Rz) (IAAS/AMR)