IPB University Launches the White Book of HA IPB in the Peak Night of the 60th Grand Reunion

IPB University Launches the White Book of HA IPB in the Peak Night of the 60th Grand Reunion

Malam Puncak Reuni Akbar, IPB University Launching Buku Putih HA IPB

In the Peak Night of the 60th Grand Reunion, IPB University launched the White Book of the Alumni Association (HA) IPB at Sentul International Convention Centre (SICC), Bogor (26/11). This book contains strategic issues, policy solutions and the delivery of the nine-pillar strategy.

The nine strategic pillars include education, agriculture, industry, marine and fisheries, environment and forestry, trade, rural development, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and corporations and national development planning.

Chairman of the 60th Grand Reunion committee, Luhur Budiarso highlighted the strength of the contribution of IPB University and its alumni to the progress of Indonesia and the world. According to him, the extraordinary network of IPB University alumni realised in the meeting at this Grand Reunion marked the contribution witnessed.

“At IPB University, we are taught to have a positive mentality and resilience wherever we are which becomes the foundation for work. The Alumni Association with the determination with IPB University and the vision of the White Book will be a legacy as a trace of sustainability, strengthening the collective commitment to pass on positive values and meaningful changes for future generations,” he said.

Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of HA IPB University, Dr Walneg S Jas revealed that IPB University alumni must be more solid and united for the sake of service. According to him, IPB University has competence in various fields, especially in agriculture.

“In the White Book, the ideas of IPB University alumni towards Indonesia Emas 2045 reflect the articulation of collective thinking through a long study by alumni figures, both inside and outside the campus,” he said.

Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria at the moment said, IPB University must be a force that has a positive impact on the progress of the nation, humanity and resource sustainability.

According to him, integrity, innovation and inspiration become an irreplaceable foundation for every IPB University alumni. Integrity, as the main pillar, forms a strong trust. The urge to collaborate actively, encourages the birth of innovation, which in turn will inspire.

“The more inspiration that is created, the more abundant the innovations that can be given to advance this country. With this philosophy, IPB University’s motto becomes ‘Inspiring Innovation with Integrity’, reflecting a deep commitment to bring positive inspiration through solid and reliable innovation,” he said.

Prof Arif continued, the HA IPB University White Paper can be a window of hope that opens wide and creates a vision that inspires a journey to a better future.

“Hopefully, this White Book will bring a medium to advance innovation and realise the collective thinking of IPB University alumni in building a more empowered and sustainable Indonesia,” he concluded. (dr/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)