Gerakoman Festival 2023, Inviting IPB University Students to Become Sustainability Warriors Guardians of Earth

Gerakoman Festival 2023, Inviting IPB University Students to Become Sustainability Warriors Guardians of Earth

Festival Gerakoman 2023, Ajak Mahasiswa IPB University Menjadi Pejuang Sustainability Penjaga Kelestarian Bumi

It has become a eagerly anticipated tradition, the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) at IPB University held the Human Ecology Action Movement Festival (Gerakoman Festival). This festival is an integral part of the peak moment of the Human Ecology course.

In this festival, IPB University students are invited to become warriors for the sustainability of the earth by gaining knowledge through talk shows at the Gerakoman Festival. Additionally, an awarding ceremony is presented to appreciate the works of IPB University students in the campaign for human ecological action movement.

The festival, themed ‘Earth Warriors Festival: The Heroic Journey of Sustainability,’ featured competent speakers in the field of ecology, namely Dr Ben Chan (Director of Education Academy, United in Diversity Foundation), Jalal CSRA CSP (Board of Supervisors Institute of Certified Sustainability Practitioners), and Dr Soeryo Adiwibowo (lecturer at Fema IPB University and Indonesia’s delegate for the Conference of The Parties). The event was moderated by Heru Purwandari MSi, a lecturer at Fema IPB University.

“Sustainability must be fought for collectively through collective action based on moral awareness and individual intentions so that this movement can come true,” said Dr Rina Mardiana, coordinator of the Human Ecology course, in her speech at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) Auditorium, 2/12.

One of the speakers, Dr Ben, expressed that the idea of sustainability is a heroic journey because the problems are systemic. According to him, there needs to be external forces such as society, technology, economy, and politics to oversee sustainability issues as a whole.

“We must use our capacities, especially the spirit of entrepreneurship, to add value to others and the environment,” he explained.

Dr Soeryo also stated that the Gerakoman Festival is the right moment for all students, as Generation Z, from various backgrounds to initiate environmental and sustainability issues.

“The existence of social media and technology is the easiest asset for young people to become environmental warriors, regardless of their backgrounds and identities, to collaborate through collective action,” he concluded.

The festival concluded with the presentation of works in the form of video actions of the human ecological movement and various entertainments that delighted the students. Awards were also given to appreciate the creativity of students in the form of video projects, posters, and infographics, selected from more than 400 entries. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/DSR)