ARM HA and BEM KM IPB Launch Family Nutrition and Preparedness Programme for Hazardous Areas

ARM HA and BEM KM IPB Launch Family Nutrition and Preparedness Programme for Hazardous Areas

ARM HA Bersama BEM KM IPB Luncurkan Program Gizi dan Kesiapsiagaan Keluarga untuk Daerah Rawan Bencana

The Independent Volunteer Action of Alumni Association (ARM HA) IPB University launched the Family Nutrition and Preparedness Improvement Programme (PGK2) for disaster-prone areas. The launching was done in the event of 60 Years Grand Reunion of IPB University which was attended by no less than 250 participants and invited guests who packed Hall C Sentul International Convention Centre (SICC), Bogor.

Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria and Vice Rector for Global Connectivity, Collaboration and Alumni Relations, Prof Iskandar Z Siregar were present and officially launched the programme which will take place in three pilot areas in Cianjur, Bogor and Pandeglang respectively.

The programme aims to strengthen family resilience in disaster-prone villages by improving nutrition through the provision of supplementary foodstuffs and disaster preparedness awareness activities.

“I really appreciate and support the programme conducted by ARM HA IPB University,” said Prof Arif Satria. He prayed for all ARM HA IPB University activists to be given health, strength and consistency in helping the community, especially in disaster areas.

Prof Arif also reminded the importance of responding not only to episodic seasonal disasters such as floods, smoke and forest and land fires (karhutla) to earthquakes. Now, daily systemic disasters (day to day disasters) have occurred, such as the rob phenomenon (sea tides spilling over to the mainland) which began to occur, especially in the north coast of Java.

“ARM HA IPB University has been tested with disaster emergency response activities and should also be prepared to be able to help cope with these types of daily disasters,” he said.

Prof Iskandar Z Siregar praised ARM HA IPB University for its commitment in handling disaster and humanitarian issues inclusively. “The good work of ARM HA-IPB contributes to IPB University’s efforts in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs),” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Central Executive Board (DPP) of HA IPB University, Dr Walneg S Jas explained three reasons for the establishment of ARM. Firstly, because it realises that Indonesia is located in the ring of fire and volcanic belt, making Indonesia a disaster-prone country.

“Secondly, there are not many universities that specialise in disaster and humanitarian issues. And thirdly, to realise the alumni’s intention to help others independently and selflessly,” he said.

In the event, ARM HA IPB University also signed a memorandum of understanding in humanitarian and disaster cooperation with seven partners, namely My Vets Veterinary Clinic, PT Berkah Bina Amanat (BBA), Yayasan Jendela Kemanusiaan Lestari (JKL), PT Gemilang Optimal Abadi (GOD) Parking, Indosmep Group, Komunitas Angkatan 33 Tangguh and DKM Masjid Alumni. This collaboration is expected to further strengthen the synergy and quality of humanitarian work of IPB University alumni.

“We are very proud and happy to be able to participate in the launch of the PGK2 programme. Of course we really hope that the collaboration between ARM HA and BEM KM in the future can continue together in devoting themselves to helping people in need,” said Latif Hidayatul Ikhsan, a representative of BEM KM who attended.

“Hopefully the PGK2 programme will continue to have a good impact from IPB University for Indonesia,” added the IPB University student from the Faculty of Agriculture as well as the Coordinating Minister for Community Service of BEM KM IPB. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)