Receiving a Study Tour from SMPIT Ummul Quro Depok, TNC University Encourages Young Generation’s Interest in Modern Agriculture  

Receiving a Study Tour from SMPIT Ummul Quro Depok, TNC University Encourages Young Generation’s Interest in Modern Agriculture  

Terima Study Tour SMPIT Ummul Quro Depok, TNC University Dorong Minat Generasi Muda Pada Pertanian Modern

IPB University’s Farmers and Fishermen Center (TNC) received a study tour visit from SMPIT Ummul Quro Depok, Thursday (9/11). This activity aims to provide education to students regarding agricultural practices in the field and the role of agricultural campuses in developing this sector.

Vice chairman of TNC IPB University, Dr Roza Yusfiandayani welcomed this activity. He hopes that the students who attend can be directly involved in agricultural practices so that they gain a deep understanding of the world of agriculture.

“The students present today act as agents of change who are challenged to bring about change, especially regarding food in Indonesia. Students are also expected to reduce dependence on imported food and appreciate local food products more,” said Dr Roza.

Participants were invited to visit IPB University’s Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP). On this occasion, participants visited several facilities at ATP, such as the melon greenhouse, aquaponic greenhouse, fish hatchery greenhouse, smart greenhouse, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) hydroponic greenhouse. They also saw the organic vegetable screenhouse, crystal guava plantation, plant factory and packing house.

Next, participants were given the opportunity to learn directly in the agricultural field which was divided into three subjects, namely vegetative plant propagation, organic farming and hydroponic plant cultivation.

At ATP, the practice of vegetative plant propagation is carried out using grafting and grafting methods on crystal guava and red guava plants. “The guava in this garden must be pruned so that it flowers every day, so that it can produce fruit more quickly and grow more fertile,” said Sarwono, ATP Land Manager.

Next, participants took part in organic farming training guided by Putri Rizkia Habsari, SP as Educator at ATP. On this occasion, participants carried out seed sowing and transplanting techniques for pak choy plants.

Apart from that, students were also given the opportunity to practice hydroponic plantations by carrying out several activities, such as making AB Mix fertilizer which was guided by Slamet as field staff at ATP as well as the practice of planting and harvesting hydroponic pak choy plants which was guided by Sharfina Zata Amani, SP as Educator at ATP.

“This place has several organic plants, such as kale, bok choy, lettuce, crystal guava and so on. Apart from that, we also empower farmers around the campus to produce quality products that are different from the market,” said Sharfina.

Not only ATP, participants also visited the IPB Future Museum and Gallery which was officially established on January 12 2023. This activity was attended by 155 participants consisting of 139 students and 16 companions.

“We are very grateful for the opportunity given to students who have learned directly about agriculture and learned more about IPB University as one of the agricultural campuses in Indonesia. Hopefully we can work together with TNC at the next opportunity,” said Bangun Hari Pranoto, one of the teachers at SMPIT Ummu’l Quro Depok. (NWE/Rz) (IAAS/RZL)