Prof Ronny Rachman Noor: Buffaloes are more popular in India than Bollywood actresses

Prof Ronny Rachman Noor: Buffaloes are more popular in India than Bollywood actresses

Prof Ronny Rachman Noor: Di India Kerbau Lebih Populer Dibanding Artis Bollywood

Not many people know that the world’s largest milk producer is India. This is due to the 200 million cow and buffalo population in India. According to data released by the Indian government, more than 50 percent of the milk produced in India comes from buffalo milk, which amounts to 108 million heads.

IPB University’s Ecological Genetics Expert, Prof Ronny Rachman Noor, said the huge number makes India the country with the largest buffalo population in the world. About 57 per cent of the global buffalo population. India has at least 13 buffalo breeds that are very unique and recognised by the world.

“One of the superior buffalo breeds recognised worldwide as a milk producer is the Murrah buffalo. On average, Murrah buffaloes produce 7 litres of milk per day. In fact, among the Murrah buffalo population in India, there is a very superior group that can produce up to 21 litres of milk per day per head,” said Prof Ronny.

“Buffalo milk is very unique. Its consistency is thicker because it contains higher milk fat compared to cow’s milk. In addition, with a very unique climate, which is tropical, buffaloes are more disease-resistant compared to cows,” he continued.

According to the Professor of the Faculty of Animal Sciences at IPB University, buffalo is one of the most important export commodities for India. Apart from its dairy products, buffalo meat contributes 80 per cent of the total exported meat. Making it India’s main export commodity, it beats the export value of basmati rice.

To illustrate the popularity of buffalo in India, Prof Ronny used the example of Yuvraj, a male buffalo whose popularity outshines Bollywood actors and artists.

“The price of Yuvraj’s frozen semen is 10 times more expensive than the price of frozen semen of other superior buffaloes in India. One dose of Yuvraj’s frozen semen costs Rp90.000,00” said Prof Ronny.

In one ejaculation, Yuvraj can produce about 600 doses of sperm, each dose containing about 20 million sperm. So, in one ejaculation, Yuvraj makes Rp 54 million!

“Yuvraj also won the livestock contest and for each winner he received a prize money of Rp 78 million. I can’t count how many times Yuvraj has won,” said Prof Ronny.

Yuvraj’s fame, he continued, made many people interested in buying him. For example, two years ago a businessman was interested in buying Yuvraj for Rp 18.2 billion.

According to Prof Ronny, Yuvraj does have a superior buffalo pedigree that has milk production far above the average buffalo milk production in India. Yuvraj was born from a 19-year-old mother who has given birth 16 times with an average daily milk production of 26 litres.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Yuvraj is treated very special by his owner. Every day, the buffalo is given 20 litres of milk enriched with vitamins and tonics. In addition, Yuvraj also gets 10kg of apples as well as forage and grains. In dollar terms, Yuvraj’s daily feed ration amounts to Rp520.000,00.

Not only that, every afternoon, Yuvraj is taken for a 5km walk by two guards who are specifically assigned to look after him. The cage where Yuvraj rests is also very special and comfortable. It has a sand floor and is equipped with a temperature control to keep him comfortable, both in winter and summer.

“With his reputation, it is no wonder that Yuvraj is very popular in India and also in Canada, Brazil and Venezuela because many people visit and see Yuvraj firsthand,” said Prof Ronny. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)