Nabila Putri Shariva, SKHB IPB University Student Makes Achievements in the Equestrian Championship

Nabila Putri Shariva, SKHB IPB University Student Makes Achievements in the Equestrian Championship

Nabila Putri Shariva, Mahasiswa SKHB IPB University Ukir Prestasi di Kejuaraan Berkuda

Nabila Putri Shariva, an IPB University student from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SKHB) succeeded in making an achievement in the equestrian championship. In the midst of his busy studies at IPB University, this 7th semester student succeeded in winning a silver medal at the Equestrian Collaborative Event (ECE).

In this event, Bella, who was paired with the jumper horse VLZ and represented The Hub, won a silver medal in the Jumping 90-100 cm Open class by achieving Clear Round results.

Interestingly, she achieved this achievement after making a comeback after being sidelined from the sand field for some time. Yes, in 2020, she decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the Indonesian equestrian sports scene.

“My motivation to return to equestrian sports competitions is of course based on my longing for equestrian sports. “Plus, now I have more opportunities to start training and competing, and even want to make achievements,” explained Bella.

Bella’s career journey is full of achievements. Bella’s exploits since 2019, when she was still a junior rider at that time, have indeed attracted the attention of equestrian sports fans in the country. She diligently participates in various competitions and often wins medals.

Bella also experienced various obstacles when she returned to equestrian sports. Having practiced and tried riding at several stables, Bella finally decided to join The Hub and train horses under the supervision of a professional equestrian trainer, Adi Katompo from 3K Management.

“When I started training on horses again, I actually already knew what to do. “However, the hardest stage is how to adapt the body’s flexibility after a long absence,” she said.

She admitted that he was greatly helped by the training from Anto Budiarto and Adi Katompo so that now he can return to the way he was before, although not completely.

Bella hopes that she can return to actively participating in equestrian competitions and also has a target to return to the top classes (110-120 cm) like before.

When asked for her response about the current development of equestrian sports in Indonesia, Bella admitted that she was very happy with the increasingly positive growth of equestrian sports in Indonesia. In fact, she was quite amazed when she discovered the fact that currently there are many talented and accomplished new riders.

“There are many names of riders that I am not familiar with. However, I am very happy that there are so many of them who have good talents and abilities. “Of course, this is a sign that the development of equestrian sports in Indonesia is increasingly advanced and developing,” continued Bella.

Bella’s success in making achievements in her comeback phase ultimately increased her motivation to shine again on the Indonesian equestrian sports stage. (*/Rz)