IPB University Conducts First i-Tree Eco Training in Indonesia

IPB University Conducts First i-Tree Eco Training in Indonesia

IPB University Laksanakan i-Tree Eco Training Pertama di Indonesia

The collaboration between IPB University and USFS has created history by organizing the first i-Tree Training in Indonesia. Lecturer of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, Dr Kaswanto started the initiative to inaugurate the i-Tree Youth Community.

“This is the launching of the i-Tree Youth Community in Indonesia. We will echo this youth community all the time. Starting from Bogor, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya to outside Java and continue to blow throughout Indonesia,” said Dr Kaswanto in his presentation on the stage of Andi Hakim Nasoetion Auditorium, IPB Dramaga Campus, recently.

The presence of Harityas Wiyoga, In-Country Coordinator of USFS International Program, gave appreciation to this event. Yoga said that, “The collaboration between USFS and IPB University needs to be supported by energetic synergy coming from the youth, especially the urban landscape tree enthusiasts.”

Prof Iskandar Z Siregar as Vice Rector of IPB University for Global Connectivity, Collaboration and Alumni Relations who attended online also gave his support. “This event can strengthen the young generation’s awareness of the surrounding environment, especially trees in the urban forestry landscape,” he said.

The event also involved coordination with SUA LAAB, the academic business unit of the Department of Landscape Architecture at IPB University. Dr Bambang Sulistyantara, Chairman of SUA LAAB emphasized that the purpose of the first i-Tree Training in Indonesia is to increase competence in various fields of expertise in managing landscape trees.

“SUA LAAB is here to bridge this activity to the attention of tree managers in urban landscapes,” he added.

“i-Tree not only serves to assess the landscape services of trees, but is also able to provide information on biodiversity such as birds, insects, and so on,” explained Amarizni Mosyaftiani, MSi when explaining the i-Tree Eco tool to participants.

Amarizni also explained the importance of i-Tree for decision-making in urban forest landscape management, referring to previous projects in Jakarta and Bandung.

Risdayatri Aulia, SP, MLA MSi explained how the i-Tree application works, from data collection to summary generation. Furthermore, Nada Nadila Syasita, SArsl and Ahmad Ihsan Alfu, SArsl practiced field data entry and retrieval techniques.

The participation of 53 participants from various universities in Indonesia, including several participants from Jakarta stakeholders, reflects the enthusiasm and strong support for the development of knowledge and skills related to i-Tree Eco. It also signifies an awareness of the importance of environmental conservation, especially in the context of urban landscapes.

The participants were equipped with the ability to manage urban forestry landscape. Participants were also engaged in a practical exercise to populate the database of their respective cities so that i-Tree Eco can be used throughout Indonesia.

More information about i-Tree Youth Community can be found on IG @itreecommunity_id. For those who are young and care about trees, let’s join! (IAAS/SHY)