Improving Integrity, KPK and IPB University Held A Goods and Services Procurement Training

Improving Integrity, KPK and IPB University Held A Goods and Services Procurement Training

Tingkatkan Integritas, KPK dan IPB University Adakan Pelatihan Pengadaan Barang dan Jasa

In an effort to build an anti-corruption culture, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and IPB University conducted integrity enhancement training for goods and services procurement implementers within IPB University. The training was held on Thursday 23/11 at the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor.

The anti-corruption movement at IPB University was formed from the thoughts of professors by forming an Ad-hoc Committee (PAH) and has produced an Academic Paper on the Development of Anti-Corruption Education at IPB University. The implementation of the manuscript was followed up by the Rector by forming the IPB University Anti-Corruption Working Group (Pokja) in 2022.

Chairperson of the IPB University Anti-Corruption Working Group, Prof Triwiji Nurani, said that this training was part of IPB University’s commitment to uphold integrity and build an anti-corruption culture within the entire scope of the IPB University ecosystem.

“Various programs from the Pokja (Working Group) for capacity building related to understanding corruption, strengthening integrity and anti-corruption culture are carried out for lecturers, education staff and students,” said Prof Triwiji.

She continued, one of the work programs of the IPB University Anti-Corruption Working Group was the development of anti-corruption education through anti-corruption education and training programs and education with anti-corruption cultural values for lecturers and education staff.

“The theme of this activity is aligned with the results of the State Higher Education Ecosystem Integrity Assessment Survey (PIEPTN) at IPB University conducted by KPK. This training is expected to provide a deep understanding of the importance of integrity in the procurement of goods and services, as well as provide skills and knowledge to implement practices in the procurement process,” she added.

Prof Agus Purwito, Secretary of IPB University conveyed the importance of improving integrity in accordance with the tagline of IPB University.

“IPB University has become a pilot project in strengthening integrity, including establishing anti-corruption education. IPB University is also considered to have a good integrity, after the integrity assessment mapping by the KPK, but the strengthening program must still be carried out,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aida Ratna Zulaiha, Director of the KPK Education Network, said that the procurement of goods and services was the main business in the government environment so that potential for corruptions often arises, so it was important to have a control mechanism and to have a gratification control unit.

“The integrity strengthening program in terms of goods and services can also be carried out by managing conflicts of interest, controlling gratuities and bribes, having a standard operating procedure (SOP) in the integrity strengthening area, regulations that include rewards and punishments,” she said.

In this integrity strengthening program, in addition to IPB University as a pilot project, the KPK also collaborates with various universities such as the Indonesian Education University (UPI), Andalas University, Padang State University, Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University (UIN) and it will eventually be implemented in universities throughout Indonesia. (dh/Lp) (IAAS/SHY)