DPMA IPB University Gives Debriefing Lecture for KKN-T Students

DPMA IPB University Gives Debriefing Lecture for KKN-T Students

DPMA IPB University Berikan Kuliah Pembekalan untuk Mahasiswa KKN-T

IPB University through the Directorate of Agromaritime Community Development (DPMA) held a briefing for the 2nd Innovation Thematic Community Service Programme (KKN-T) for the period December 2023 to January 2024. The material provided at this briefing was related to approaches and communication in the community, hygiene and public health, and the introduction of the IPB Digitani platform.

Director of PMA IPB University, Dr Handian Purwawangsa in his speech explained, the purpose of implementing KKN-T Inovasi is to hone soft skills, improve skills, develop initiatives and hone adaptive leadership for students.

“KKN-T Inovasi is a cross-disciplinary gathering of students. You can do something bigger if you collaborate with students in other scientific fields. Your leadership spirit will be tested, how can you invite the community to participate in the activities you plan,” said Dr Handian during the online briefing, (18/11).

He hopes that the implementation of this period can be carried out well. “Hopefully you can carry out KKN-T Inovasi well. I hope you will make the most of this debriefing so that you have more preparation before going down to the community,” he hoped.

The briefing material on approach and communication in the community was delivered by Dr Ninuk Purnaningsih. In her presentation, Dr Ninuk said that through KKN-T Inovasi, students can introduce new technologies/innovations or upgrade existing innovations in the community.

“The role of students in the village is as facilitators of community empowerment and dissemination of technological innovations. Students are also motivators who become inspirational figures for the community, encouraging them to achieve a goal,” she said.

Students are also educators who can participate in teaching at institutions in the community. Approaching the community can be done through individual and group approaches, as well as formal and informal approaches.

“In communicating, you must be able to differentiate your approach, whether as an individual or as a group/institution leader. Respect and understand the values that exist in the community, show a good attitude, show an attitude that serves and helps not patronises,” said Dr Ninuk.

IPB University Faculty of Medicine lecturer, dr Yusuf Ryadi gave a briefing on health in the community. He advised, “Do not force yourself if you feel unwell. Friends from now on must start to be aware of physical health and mental health, healthy life is cool.”

The last material was closed with the introduction of the IPB Digitani platform. This application is an innovation of IPB University designed as a consultation media between farmers, ranchers and fishermen with experts at IPB University.

Dr Roza Yusfiandayani, Vice Chairman of the Farmer and Fisherman Center of IPB University during the briefing explained that the IPB Digitani application can be used as a tool for KKN-T Innovation students in mediating between IPB University and farmers, ranchers and fishermen at the location of service.

“IPB Digitani is here to serve for all, helping the community in finding solutions to the problems faced by the community. The expert team will always try to respond as quickly as possible regarding the problems consulted by the community,” he explained.

IPB Digitani can be accessed through the digitani.ipb.ac.id website or through the IPB Digitani application which can be downloaded through Playstore or Appstore. The public can consult with IPB University experts related to issues around agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and rural areas.

Dr Roza hopes that students, through this KKN-T Innovation activity, can become agents of change, one of which is by helping the farming community in the use of IPB Digitani innovations. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)