Rector of Seoul National University Delivers Oration at IPB University’s 60th Anniversary

Rector of Seoul National University Delivers Oration at IPB University’s 60th Anniversary

Rektor Seoul National University Sampaikan Orasi di Dies Natalis ke-60 IPB University

In celebration of the 60th Anniversary, IPB University invited the Rector of Seoul National University (SNU) Prof RYU Hong Lim to an open session oration at the Faculty of Economics and Management Auditorium, 21/9. The Rector of Seoul National University, Prof RYU Hong Lim delivered his oration entitled “Role of Academics in a Changing Era: IPB-SNU Collaboration for a Shared Future.”

He said that SNU has a vision to cultivate global talent, build an innovative knowledge ecosystem, create knowledge-based social values, and build a foundation for sustainable university development.

“IPB University and SNU have collaborated for a long time and this collaboration will continue to achieve shared global goals such as sustainable development goals and ecosystem restoration. This collaboration is also to face global challenges and risks over the next 10 years,” he said.

RYU Prof Hong Lim explained that this collaboration has the potential to generate growth in educational and research capacity. Not only that, this collaboration can provide a synergistic contribution to the country’s development, strengthening readiness in responding to global crises.

“Collaboration between IPB University and SNU will establish a shared future. This collaboration is also expected to contribute to the development of Indonesia and South Korea. Expanding cooperation between IPB University and SNU can also strengthen leadership between the two in the University network,” he said.

He explained that IPB University has strategically embraced the Agro-Maritime 4.0 concept, which is at the forefront of technology and research that can help agriculture and the maritime industry in Indonesia.

In his remarks, the Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria expressed his gratitude and warmly received Prof RYU Hong Lim, Rector of Seoul National University and the SNU delegates.

“SNU is currently one of the leading universities in Asia and the world. We are very honored and happy to be able to welcome the Rector of SNU to share his insights with us today,” said Prof Arif Satria.

Prof Arif believes that the long-term collaboration between IPB University and SNU will open up more new opportunities in responding to global problems such as climate change, peatlands and carbon emissions.

“Through the recent KOICA-funded project of the Center for Agriculture and Development of IPB University with SNU or ICAB, we believe that we are moving towards a shared vision of agricultural innovation to support food security, build green infrastructure, renewable energy, green industry and biotechnology,” he explained.

He hopes that with a spirit of collaboration, IPB University and SNU can together start a transformative journey towards the future. (Lp) (IAAS/YMK)