Dr Huda Darusman Claimed Indonesia Needs Strategic Action to Utilize Primates as More Sustainable Model Animals

Dr Huda Darusman Claimed Indonesia Needs Strategic Action to Utilize Primates as More Sustainable Model Animals


Primates are animals that are generally used as models for various biological and medical phenomena. Primates were chosen because of their closeness to humans in anatomy, physiology and morphology. However, its utilization needs to be carried out in a sustainable manner because its status was reported to be under threat.

Dr drh Huda Shalahudin Darusman, Head of the Center for Primate Animal Studies (PSSP) IPB University said, strategic action is needed for the use of primates as animal models that are more sustainable because of the many challenges forward.

“The biggest challenge in using primates as model animals is from an ethical, conservation and economic point of view,” he explained in the Webinar ‘Animal Models Application in Biomedical Research’ with the Biomedical Research Center for Health Research Organizations, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), recently .

Dr Huda explained, the concept of utilization was carried out using the feasibility of animal life approach. As much as possible not to cause intervention on the welfare of primates.

According to him, one of the strategies can be done by exploring primates as a spontaneous model. Preclinical studies carried out using non-invasive methods that do not hurt animals. It also requires the continuous use of technology 4.0.

“The next strategy is pentahelix collaboration and a uniform understanding in order to reach Indonesia as the epicenter of the biomedical industry in Asia,” he explained.

“We see these three big strategies as primates as animal models in a better, ethical and sympathetic way,” he continued.

He has tried to apply this strategy in the last five years of research at PSSP IPB University. According to him, the contribution of primates as a model for the world’s biomedical is very large so there needs to be continuous efforts to maintain their status.

Moreover, the closeness of primates such as Macaca fascicularis and Macaca nemestrina is physiologically, anatomically and even immunologically very significant with humans. Primates are the best model animals for preclinical studies of vaccines for infectious and genetic diseases. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/Hap)