Directorate of Global Connectivity at IPB University Socializes Research Permits and Visas for Foreign Researchers

Directorate of Global Connectivity at IPB University Socializes Research Permits and Visas for Foreign Researchers


The Directorate of Global Connectivity at IPB University organized a socialization event on Research Permits and Visas for Researchers in 2023 at the IPB International Convention Center in Bogor. The event invited deputy deans in charge of resources, cooperation, and development, as well as representatives from departments and centers within the IPB University community.

Prof Iskandar Z Siregar, Vice Rector of IPB University for Global Connectivity, Cooperation, and Alumni, stated that the socialization event was an effort by IPB University to support researchers in establishing international partnerships. The event aimed to provide comprehensive and clear information about the administrative procedures for research permits and visas for foreign research partners.

“We strive for Indonesia to become a second home for research. Collaborative research with foreign partners should bring mutual benefits, not just scientific publications. I encourage IPB University researchers to expand their networking connections as widely as possible,” he said.

Director of Global Connectivity at IPB University, Dr Eva Anggraini, stated, “The demand for collaboration is growing stronger. This literacy effort is aimed at avoiding undesirable outcomes.”

The speakers at the event included representatives from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Sri Wahyono, who is the Coordinator of the Foreign Researcher Licensing Function, accompanied by Muhammad Riza Fakhlevi, who is responsible for the Foreign Researcher Licensing Function.

Sri Wahyono explained the steps that researchers need to take when partnering with foreign researchers, as well as providing an explanation about ethical clearance. Additionally, Riza demonstrated how to fill out the self-assessment form, which is a necessary step to obtain research permits.

Another speaker, Rima Wulandari, Head of the Residence Permit and Immigration Status Section at the Class I Non TPI Bogor Immigration Office. She delivered a presentation on visas and residence permits for foreign researchers. In her session, she emphasized the need for sponsors for foreign nationals conducting research activities in Indonesia, as well as the process of granting limited stay e-visas (C315).

“I advise participants who will collaborate with foreign nationals to always seek guidance to avoid recurring administrative issues,” said Rima.

Dr Eva Anggraini added, “Since this information is not widely available, it is necessary to hold this event. We will assist in creating clear and systematic administrative procedures to facilitate research administration with foreign partners,” concluded Dr Eva, while closing the socialization event. (*) (IAAS/DSR)