IPB University Students and Japanese Students Introduce Japanese Culture in Cibulao Coffee Village

IPB University Students and Japanese Students Introduce Japanese Culture in Cibulao Coffee Village

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Japanese culture may not be unfamiliar to Indonesian society. However, not all levels of Indonesian society can really know the culture of this cherry-blossom country. In the Six University Initiative of Japan-Indonesia Service Learning Program (SUIJI-SLP) 2023, Indonesian students from IPB University together with Japanese students from three universities (Ehime University, Kochi University, and Kagawa University) introduced Japanese culture to the children of Cibulao Village, North Tugu Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency, some time ago.

Syarifa Nurul Izzah, one of the student representatives of IPB University, said that the event aimed at educating the children of Cibulao Village was held in one of the madrasahs located in the tea garden area owned by PT Sumber Sari Bumi Pakuan (SSBP) Ciliwung. "The activity begins with an introduction to some Japanese vocabulary that can be used daily, how to introduce yourself, say hello, and some other vocabulary. This Japanese vocabulary is a new thing for the children of Cibulao Village," said Syarifa.

"I've never learned Japanese before," explained Zahira, one of the participants. Fika, a friend who also attended the Japanese Class event, added, "But if you speak English often, at school."

Syarifa added that the children of Cibulao Village were also invited to fold origami in the shape of hearts and hats that could be worn directly using raffia ropes. A total of 32 children who participated in this event seemed very excited and actively asked questions to make sure the origami stages they made were correct to the Indonesian and Japanese students who were ready to help.

"It's exciting," commented Sitoh, one of the children who participated in this activity, when interviewed about Japanese Class. "It's nice to be able to make hats in the shapes of hearts from origami," she said.

In addition, explained Syarifa, SUIJI-SLP students also presented an introduction to Japanese food culture and tutorials on using chopsticks correctly. "Some children still have difficulty following some stages, but we quickly guide, explain, and correct mistakes in using chopsticks," she said.
"We then jointly practiced the use of chopsticks to eat the prepared instant noodle dishes. The vibrant and cheerful atmosphere woke up quickly, even though the weather outside the madrasa was quite cold and foggy," Syarifa added.

Syarifa admitted that after the event, she and other students were often greeted by children using the Japanese vocabulary they had learned before.

"The Japanese Class event organized by students of the SUIJI-SLP 2023 program turned out to be quite successful in sparking children's awareness and desire to learn and get to know Japanese culture, great children from a small village in the middle of a tea and coffee garden in Cibulao Village," she concluded.(IAAS/MZS)