IPB University Lecturer Build International Research collaboration with MIT Boston USA Lecturer

IPB University Lecturer Build International Research collaboration with MIT Boston USA Lecturer


One of the lecturers in the food process engineering division, department of food science  and technology, faculty of agricultural technology (ITP Fateta) IPB University Dr.-Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang,conduct research collaboration visits with one of leading university in the world, that is Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)- Boston ,USA. This visits was held at December 5-6th 2019. On this occasion, Dr. Azis explore research with two professor from MIT.

The first collaboration research that explore are with Prof Jongyoon Han (Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Biological Engineering). The topic is automated continuous membrane-based emulsification reactor: development, characterization and applications.

That IPB University lecturer explain that on this proposal, reactor emulsification continuous will be developed used membrane made from metal. For application, emulsification red palm oil and oil from rice rice bran will be studied. Other than that, the effect of hydrodynamics on the size of the emulsion produced is also the focus of this research.

On this collaboration, Dr Azis too took two researchers from Indonesia, he is Prof Anang M Legowo from food science and technology study program, Brawijaya University.

The second collaboration , Dr Azis in collaboration with Dr Bradley L. Pentelute, Associate Professor of Chemistry. Proposed topic is Novel Peptides from Tempe Exhibiting ACE Inhibitory Activities: Characterization and Chemical Modifications. This topic, Prof Amarila Malik from pharmaceutical faculty, Indonesia University also joined in cooperation.

 “ On the second topic, peptide from tempe that has inhibitory activity of the work of the angiotensin  enzyme will be characterized by its structure. When its structure has been obtained then the peptide will be produced in MIT and then tested again its inhibitor activity,” he said.

He delivered that the two partnerships are being explored is a part of MIT Indonesia Seed Fund Proposals. “ In this case, collaboration research inovatif between MIT and various leading universities in Indonesia related to science,technology and social economic the important one and relevant for Indonesia will get funding from the Indonesian government,” he said.

Through this collaboration is expected can improve quality and quantity research in food and science technology department (DITP) and can send lecturer and graduate student food science and technology department IPB University for do riset sandwich with MIT,USA. (IAAS/NAS)


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