ATP IPB University Samakan Production Synergy with Partner Farmers

ATP IPB University Samakan Production Synergy with Partner Farmers


IPB University’s Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP) again holds regular meetings with partner farmers to evaluate the collaboration that has been established. The meeting, which is held every four months, involves at least 18 ATP partner farmers.

The meeting which was held on Thursday (5/12) took place in the ATP IPB University Meeting Room. Aside from being an evaluation media, this activity is also a place to maintain partnership relations and as a forum to exchange information between partner farmers and ATP IPB University.

The meeting of the ATP partner farmers this time raised the theme “Synergy of Production and Marketing to Meet the 2020 Target.” The implementation of this activity has the main goal that ATP IPB University as a partner farmer partner provides an evaluation in the form of services’ level of market demand and delivery results of farmers. ATP IPB University also provided information related to commodities with the highest market demand in rupiah and tonnage, so farmers can see the opportunities that can be taken for the next planting period.

Furthermore, the evaluation session and the delivery of information on market demand were elaborated by the ATP IPB University team, Sarwono (ATP Manager of IPB University), Hadi Nuryadi (Assistant Fresh Product Manager) and Yudi Nurjamil (Head of Farmer Production Partners).

At the end of the event, the Head of the Field Laboratory Sub-Directorate, Directorate of Business Development and Entrepreneurship, IPB University, Dr. Dwi Guntoro conveyed related plans ahead to improve the quality of nurseries for partner farmers with the latest technology. He explained that with this new technology, partner farmers need not worry about the quality of seeds to produce quality products. (NR)


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